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  2. Finding gold in utah east and west
  3. The most common blue or bluish/grey minerals include azurite chrysocolla linarite vivianite, also turquiose. Dont know if found in your area? Sorry I couldn't give you a positive id J.
  4. Happy Birthday Sir. Have a great day today. Old Tom
  5. Today
  6. Okay i got this diamond indicator, does that really mean its that much diamond? Gtfo here the device must be activated by quartz someone save my sanity.
  7. Australia has the best meteorite names.
  8. Dang you asked me before and until this thread popped up, i totally forgot. I will ask my father inlaw. He has huge peices. Mine are all softball size and down.
  9. Look out for this guy in October. He is a claim jumping mad man
  10. No, the minerals belong to the claim holder, and any removal would be considered theft. There is a lengthy discussion about this subject on the Detector Prospector Forum, the thread is "Rye Patch Claim Jumpers". Barry with My Land Matters has words of wisdom posted there for our education.... Don't feel alone.
  11. Would you happen to know anyone that has some large pieces?
  12. If you don’t know what a CHOOK is? don’t even try with the word Millbillille I had half a dead Chook for smoko today and it was bloody bonza mate
  13. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day!
  14. Sent you a message. Jeff
  15. Ok follow on question. What are the restrictions on prospecting? Can I just go to a open claim and run a few pans?
  16. knew for years that the america ment land for slaves but today found out what the flag is. american flag stands for. george washington personally hoisted the east india flag on january 2nd 1776. instead of using the word natives, it's "We The People" slaves to the artificial or fictitious corporate government. in arizona CPS lost 550 kids last year under their care. it's believed child traffickers got them. wonder if these young missionaries have something to do with this.
  17. That is a great question, I have often wondered where I am when in the bush.... I think the recorded claim notice states the location within a section which is one square mile containing 640 acres. Each section can be broken down or divided into quarters, and further broken down from there... There are very informative sites online, My Land Matters is great... The PLSS overlays on Google Earth are helpful but not always accurate, the PLSS is the public lands survey system and will show Townships, and sections... To make things more interesting, some claims have been abandoned but the markers remain, sometimes knuckleheads remove markers, and the claims are still valid. I think the only way to know if a claim is still valid is to check at the county where the notice was recorded... I wish I had a better answer for you, maybe someone with better knowledge will chime in and we will all benefit. Welcome aboard. Oops. I just re read your post and you obviously have been using My Land Matters, maybe I should read carefully before I open my keyboard....
  18. Hey all, Haven't been on too much this year. We bought a house and started a business so I havent had time for anything lately. Things are going good though, and starting to smooth out so I'm wanting to get out hunting this winter and would like to be armed with a PI. I am hoping somebody on here might have one collecting dust they would like to see go to a good home. Looking to buy a used 5000 with accessory's. Hopefully some coils and other goodies included. I might consider a 45 or 4800 if the price is real cheap. Not rushing to buy something but will jump on the right deal. Willing to make a drive or pay for shipping. Thanks!
  19. Gotta love those bakers, wish my first was that big!
  20. Thats some fine detecting right there! Way to go guys.
  21. Good goin Tom. Sounds like another great day in the desert. Glad you got something! I hope to be detecting soon, have only gotten out once in 2019, its been a whirlwind year for me...
  22. Hey Dog-face, Thank you for your service and for sticking it out. Looks like good duty and good gear, something the Army is noted for! Welcome Aboard and feel free to overwhelm I'm sure. Lots of G-2 types here on the forum that should be able to deal with your ???! Semper Fi, Mac
  23. I have found a few spots that look great. But my question is I have found the "grid" I assume its 600 acres? How can I tell where 3, 20 acre placer claims are on it? Turns out the three on that grid are a local "gold club" I dont want to wonder across someones claim looking for a "spot" Is a more detailed map online? Do I use coords? TY for the pointers.
  24. I was poking around the net and found your forum to be great. Lots of knowledge here. I will most likely overwhelm with questions. I am a disabled retired Army vet of 24 years. I am now doing the snowbird thing from Wi to Three points AZ .
  25. Yesterday
  26. Mike my version of Chili Verde May not satisfy the purists.... a small batch: three pounds bbq pork ribs- boneless one large can of chopped green chili several garlic cloves one or two tablespoons of ground Red Pepper Two chopped serrano peppers and 3 to 5 whole, how hot do you want it? chop the meat, dump the rest in, cover with a beer and water, bring to a boil, simmer to your hearts delight! I like to thicken with cornstarch . I won,t be there...have fun! fred salt to taste
  27. Mike - my guy in Phoenix will pay you $1687 cash. PM me if you want details.
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