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  2. If you are getting a black streak, chances are it's not a meteorite.
  3. nice going man. nothing wrong with that piece
  4. I have a black rock that is magnet attracted and makes a black streak on ceramic but don’t know how to get url s for pics ?
  5. Nice one!!! Looks like the twin of my first one at LSD 20 years ago!!!! WTG! Cheers, Unc
  6. I have an as-new GP3000 - all the normal bells & whistles that came with the MineLab but no additional coils - currently on Craigslist (Apr 24, 2019). Best offer over $1,250 - look in the PHX area CList under "NO JUNK! Estate Sale" for more.
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  8. Did someone say Lynx creek Mike C...
  9. Ya thats to bad I just want to see what the whites is about and if I dont get any bites within a week or so Im pulling my offer as the 1000 gets gold almost every trip out with it Mike C...
  10. Boy how many times could I have used that sucker. Old Tom
  11. Great to see you still pulling them in bro. Nice gold...………. Old Tom
  12. I hope that he will be a blessing in your old age. Old Tom
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi all! I bought this rock many years ago on a surf trip to morroco. The guy told me if I could guess what it was I could have it for free. I couldn't so I ended up buying it 😁 He reckoned it was a meteorite, I was sceptical but I liked the look of it. It is heavy and feels like it's metal. Any ideas on what it is? Thanks!
  15. pretty little bugger
  16. Greetings, Its a boy! After 2 long days of hard labor, and under a stormy sky, the rebirth from the womb of mother earth finally came. At approx. 3:15 PM local time on Tuesday April 23, 2019 in southern Arizona, it arrived. Weighing in at 1.4 grams, with a pointy head, chunky body and a golden disposition, I decided to name this unique nuggie "Arrowhead" Along with its 2 earlier siblings, I reckon he can officially be called a patch nuggie. The delivery was rather uneventful as the soil blanket that covered him was only a few inches deep. The doctor (me) was extremely surprised due to the fact this "golden boy's" vocal rebirth scream was so loud that a butt ugly lead bullet was expected to be had. Arrowhead is so far the prettiest and heaviest nuggie found thus far with my Gold Monster 1000. Bigger and better ones will surely come to past. As our Australian friends like to say, "Its a Rippah!"
  17. Nice going! Easter Bunny left me some brown nuggets, but no gold! Regards, Kyle
  18. $40.48 is my estimation, course I could be wrong. OldTom
  19. Boy, don't they stink when you smoosh them? Gotta pick them up with a tissue or rag, or you'll be eating that smell for dinner. Old Tom
  20. When experimenting you will have a bit of an eye opener about the differences between timings and resulting depth differences especially with medium to larger coils on large targets. When I was testing this detector for Minelab before it's release we worked many hours with different coils and timings regarding target size and depth.... If you can find a natural deep non ferrous sounding target that is faint adjust your detector and listen to the target in different timings to get the best results. You can bury one on the edge of hearing it with the "fine gold" timings then try different timings and coils. Learning your machine completely is the key to finding toe deeper and missed nuggets. Minelab DID NOT and these timings and settings for no reason and learning them is the key as said.
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