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  2. Hi John do you know the exact location of the quartz crystals in Jones Valley? Thanks Adam
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  4. I know there is nothing special about this rock except that it tickles me. I found it on the beach like just about all the stones I find.
  5. sent a msg to the woman that owns the land, asking for more info but haven't heard from her.
  6. Grubby is right on about PC7 can't beat it. I use a pieced of plastic from a laundry detergent bottle to mix the PC7 on and I weigh both A and B on my gold scales so I have the exact right amount of each. Don't be stingy put plenty on the pieces and for sure don't touch for 24 hours.
  7. Hi Mike, I'm heading out for the day on Wednesday the 23rd, I was going to go out on Tuesday the 22nd but my twin brother needs transport to a Dr. appointment. I'll post my adventure when i return on Wednesday.
  8. As said again and again.... a day out is a great thing gold is a plus. But spotting a tortoise is the wild is a way cool thing, I've seen alot of wildlife but only one tortoise when i was a child. Good job Tom!
  9. Craigslist is where all the hot meteorites are at, i like the documentation.
  10. Ok If it's still around next Friday (pay day) And I can get my wife to let me have my allowance. Lol I will probably take it. Not asking you to hold it. If someone has cash in hand take it. Thanks
  11. Hi Bill, I will be attending alone for three days and two nights. Looking forward to seeing everybody.
  12. Sounds like a site with plenty of good potential.
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  14. If there is going to be an argument I want in on it.
  15. Prospecting in the East is not the same. The National Forests are not open to claims, and I doubt there are BLM lands. Its really getting to know the public land rules for the specific area you want, or hoping you can find a land owner in that area willing to let you prospect. Can't speak specifically to South Carolina, but in the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina, they allowed panning, but only in the creek, and I can't remember if hand tools were allowed. I do remember in the two years I lived in North Carolina, I never tried prospecting. Didn't take a trip to the gem mines neither. One of my cooworkers in NC was an avid relic hunter, mostly coins and rings. He was able to get permission from property owners to metal detect some old farms. The GPAA website shows no leased areas open to them in South Carolina, but in North Carolina has 9 mostly gem areas available. The GPAA chapter for South Carolina can be found at: https://www.goldprospectors.org/Community/AboutGPAAChapters
  16. Chris, There is gold in and around Aiken, albeit a little fine gold in the local streams, you'll find more northward, northwestward and northeastward from there, the closer you get to North Carolina and the better the gold, also there gold in north Georgia, you most likely will not find much if any detectable gold but you may get lucky since the gold detectors now-a-days can detect much smaller gold. Here are some images of the southern gold belts, I had more of these maps on my old computer but it died and I haven't tried to retrieve any of the images yet, and I can't find some of the ones now on the internet that I had on the old computer, if I find any more I'll post them. Georgia gold deposits map from 1909
  17. Dang it! I think this will be the first LSD outing in years... that I will miss the Saturday chow line.
  18. Not going to make it to this one Bill, but I'm sending you this for the raffle.
  19. small world.....gotta sister in Aiken...…….
  20. Got kin folk in Aiken.....all over that state.
  21. When I try to open I get a msg that says image blocked
  22. RD that pic is only a small part of the slave digs. some of their digs are small where they followed a vein but in that area it seems to go forever, especially when your inside the digs, there that were deep and the dirt piles are average four feet high. If three people with three detectors spent three days in those digs and found no gold their just flat lying. I have beeped the Eastern edge of those digs and found gold almost every day. About 1/2 mile to the right just out of the pic is where I found the 436 gr. That type of beeping is some of the hardest you can get into with the constant mounds of dirt, completely covered with trees and just plain brush. In the area after I got the 436 gr I slide off one of the mounds and broke two fingers on my left hand, the bones were sticking out. Good ole black electrical tape sure came in handy that day, taped the fingers up with the glove still on and headed home. The gold in that area is worth it!
  23. Looks more like the other feller is the one what started the argument.
  24. I'm not starting an argument. I'm merely stating a fact.
  25. Good luck on your move. I saw you on T.V. last night doin the Pawn thing ! Lookin Good.
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