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  2. George Ciampa unheard of hero http://www.letfreedomringforall.org/about-let-freedom-ring.html
  3. I tried retweet, you can't add a photo only a comment which links back to the original tweet.
  4. I sent your meteorite thread to Twitter... it could be retweeted or evn a comment and/or photo added. Things often hardly get noticed on there with all the political people hogging up the feed.
  5. I traded my 24K for a Thompson dry washer or I would have been all over this trade.
  6. Just like the title says I want to trade a nice goldmonster with all that came with it plus a new straight shaft with a stand and new never used Docs covers everything works as it should the big coil has never touched the ground-Ok I have 2 goldmonsters but only need one and have been curious about the whites-24k so Im looking to do a straight trade for a whites 24 k with both coils and what ever else came with it in good shape and running order.I only want to do a trade for a 24k and its not for sale-PM me if interested-Thanks Mike C...
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  8. My copper is getting bigger with the 24k (2 pieces of high grade ore also), maybe the gold will follow
  9. I hunt in fine gold 100 % everytime and still get good depth Mike C...
  10. The Evo is sold the other 2 are still up for sale Mike C...
  11. YouTube is a great place to share....
  12. That is very much dependent on soil conditions as displayed in the chart, but it pays to get out of the "fine gold" timings if you are using larger coils and wanting to gain depth.
  13. Hey Bill, how much depth do you think is lost in Fine Gold? Thats just my main setting because the other ones seem to be really noisy where i hunt. I guess i always keep that chart Minelab put out in the back of my mind. I wonder how many species i am walking over just running in Fine Gold.
  14. Only the best for the Ole Man! He is a tough ole bird and will come through fine I am sure. In the mean time he has my best wishes for a speedy recovery! So do I assume it was a Pulmonary Embolism caused by a Pulmonary Thrombosis in perhaps a leg? Just a guess ... my sister had that years ago as a delayed reaction to a water skiing accident. They put her on blood thinners for the better part of a year. She recovered fully from it. My bet is your dad will too!
  15. Take a look at this fred Without being able to see in different wavelengths we would not be able to see many things that are out there. Our naked eyes are just not capable of it.the last photo is a view about a pin hole size area of space in a sheet of paper looking at a black area of space with Hubble Space Telescope. Amazing isn't it. https://t.co/jGsmlxCy4h AzNuggetBob
  16. Hope he gets well soon, praying for his recovery. All the best, Lanny
  17. Nice finds, and great determination! Thanks for the story and for taking the time to write and post it. All the best, Lanny
  18. You will just have to try and see what is best, there is allot of depth loss running in "fine gold" as it is made to sniff out small and shallow targets so I would try good old normal timing with a DD
  19. Good news Tom, heal well and fast
  20. I'm glad you pulled through it my friend. still more treasure to find.
  21. Worked hard this past weekend. Better than being skunked...…………………… YOU said. Perserverance (hard work) is where its at ! nice work, congrats.
  22. God Bless you, good to see you posting ! We have more "campfires" to sit at in the future.
  23. Hey Bill, any tips on which setting to use with the double D out there? I can’t believe i only live about an hour away from rich hill now. I’ve been wanting to hit that place since I was about 11, now 39...too bad I’m so late to the game!!! Hopefully all those hot rocks has discouraged some people and there is still something left for me. Any tips on the area would be very helpful as well. I don’t know if I should focus on the washes or hill sides? Thanks for your time!
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