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  2. Happy Birthday Doc, I hope you have a great day!!
  3. I read a news article about this but it didn't have any photos or a video, that's really scary, I lived in a mobile home a long time ago and a stray dog had made her home under the trailer and she a had a litter of pups, I heard them under at the back of the trailer so I crawled under there to get them out and put them into an old dog house I had, the trailer was only about 20" to 24" off the ground so it was a bit tight crawling over pipes, etc. and very dark so a flashlight was needed to see under there, the only way under there was from the front, I crawl 24 feet to the back of the trailer on my belly, got all the pups in a cardboard box and started dragging them back out I had moved about 1/4 of the way towards the front and I looked up at the bottom of the trailer and saw a few spider webs, the more I looked the more I saw and then I noticed the spiders in the webs, BLACK WINDOWS EVERYWHERE , as I proceeded to make my way out I counted no less then 200 BW from young ones that haven't turned black yet to many full grown ladies just waiting for me to raise my head enough to get a bite , I'm not sure how I had crawled all the way to the back without getting few of them in my hair, I was sooo glad when I got out, after I did get out I looked back under with the flashlight and then noticed that there were few BW crawling on the ground as well, I guess my karma from going in to help the Mom and her pups was the only thing that saved me from getting bit many times over, snakes I can deal with, but SPIDERS makes my skin crawl, mainly because being so small they are harder to spot before you get too close or make contact with them!!!!
  4. Nice story Lanny, just when I thought it was getting long, it just kept getting better. AzNuggetBob
  5. Morlock I'm working on a new theory that black holes are a port hole in our universe or a window to another dimensions that galaxies are either pouring into or even out of depending on what side of the dimensions or denominational thinking your on. they could even be a hole in time, gravity or dark matter. at times I see dimensions as being stacked like a deck of cards looking at it from a horizontal point of view or possibly even a series of spheres, one outside the other. My thinking on it is, if you don't consider the options,the possibility based on our known reality of the universe you'll never progress. but we can only ponder the possibility that things aren't always as they appear based on our three thinking.a dilution based on an optical illusion. And know that we have Atmospheric Cherenkov telescope used to detect gamma rays. Infrared telescope. Radio telescope. Sub-millimeter telescope. Ultraviolet telescope (see also Ultraviolet astronomy ) X-ray telescope (see also X-ray astronomy) Wolter telescope telescopes, so that optical perception illusion that no longer exists as fact. In my opinion new ideas should always be welcome. just my two cents on it. AzNuggetBob
  6. That's just one of the upsides. AzNuggetbob
  7. All the best for him Tom, tell him I'm praying for him. the knees are not as important as the heart. AzNuggetBob
  8. Prayers for a quick recovery!
  9. That is a terrible photo. I am going to say Agate though. If you hold it up to the light does the light come through it?
  10. Glad to hear that Tom. Tell him to keep up the progress and get back to normal and back to his forum friends.
  11. Yeah Bob, looks like a huge shad for sure. American Talapia? Think I'll stick to channel cats, can't go wrong! Man, have things changed since I bank fished the Rio from T or C down to Radium Springs. Used to be some good deep holes that harbored big blues along that stretch. Not to mention the huge soft shell turtles. Breaded and deep fried . . . Yum!
  12. I found this today in a creek while rockhounding. I have no clue what it is. It's not some sort of fossilized coral is it?
  13. I was searching for Agates in a creek In northern Alberta back in the woods. While keeping an eye out for bears and other predators I was searching the creek banks and in the water where rocks were collecting over time. I found this fossil and I think it is part of an Ammonite. Can anyone confirm? You can see the ridges of suspected ammonite and when I turn it over there is a black piece of what I think is the shell sticking out. Also there is what looks like ammolite like the gem stone only not gemstone quality or colorful. What do you all think?
  14. Thanks for sharing, you guys have some beautiful fish over there, and sounds like they taste great too! Also got me inspired to get out and catch some.
  15. Nice Pics Bob! And great head shot on the carp. Wow! No, I didn't know that about the Drum and Buffs. I thought they were mostly just trash fish, but back when I fished for carp, other varieties like Drum and Buffalo fish weren't on the local menu like they are now, until you got down on the lower Pecos around Carlsbad, then you got into the Cabrone Gar situation that screwed up our minnow seining big time! Those were usually fodder for single-six .22 LR, so we stuck to fishin' for cats, bass and crappie mostly. Some of the best tasting fish I remember as a kid were the large Bream sunfish we caught in the stock tanks on ranches out in the Uvas. They were about 10-12 inches wide and up to a pound or so in weight. Voracious top water feeders and would sometimes tail slap a bait as it hit the water, and knock it up in the air! Big excitement for kids!
  16. Glad you guys are enjoying these videos. I have part 3 up on YouTube now. Its at:
  17. Mac, I have been bowfishing for rough fish a lot lately. I have come across buffalo and freshwater drum as well as a truckload of yellow carp. The buffalo are beautiful fish and have excellent white meat. They are huge too. I have shot three this season that were real close to 10 lbs. The "Y" bones in any of them can be filleted out. You can also score the fillet along each side and deep fry. The bones will crisp up. The Mexican way is to BBQ the fish whole on the grill and then break up the meat by hand, mix with chopped onion, chiles, spices and such and then rolled into flautas and fried. They are excellent. My momma cans trout in a pressure cooker bones and all. Then she makes little pan fried fish patties with eggs, cracker crumbs and chopped stuff. Just like a crab cake only with fish. Darn good eating. I have done the same with salmon. I bet you could eat pounds of carp, buffalo and drum done like this. Last month I bow fished a couple days a week up at Lake Deming. Then I got a bit obsessed and went on a five day bowfishing binge. Some friends and family got together and had an intervention and made me promise to stop fishing for a few days. They think I have not gone since last Sunday but I have been hiding my old wet shoes and muddy socks behind a bush in the back yard and keeping the bow in the truck toolbox. I sneak off almost daily and head up toward Percha and impale carp. I am ready to admit that I have a problem. I close my eyes and I see shadows moving under the glare. Sometimes as I am drifting off to sleep I suddenly jerk the bowstring. My entire existence reeks of fish and mud. I figure I have arrowed a couple hundred fish this year so far. A couple catfish, a few buffalo, a few freshwater drum, a couple big smallmouth bass and a pickup truck level full of yellow carp. Most of the carp have been 3-4 pounders but a few have gone over 10 for sure. We get to having so much fun we really don't measure them or weigh them. Even though we always say we are going to. I am cutting every one and freezing them for bait. Just the sides with the skin on it. I probably have 250 lbs of cut carp in the freezer. I actually feel bad about shooting so many and I can't justify just throwing them up on the bank. But I cant stop shooting them either. So I have lots and lots of cut bait in the freezer. When I cut them it is really nice looking meat. Some of the yellow carp have red meat and don't look appetizing. But most of them have nice white (yes, white) fillets that smell great. And big thick slabs of meat too. The buffalo fish are not like carp at all in color or texture. The meat is flaky like catfish and not mushy at all. Not fishy either. I fried some in corn meal and flour and it was as good as it gets. And the "Y" bones just came right out of the flaky meat with your fingers as you ate it. The drum was more like striper than anything else. Big thick fish with a hump back. Just about like salt water drum. Nice fat fish that were all about 16" long. My daughter in law is an expert shot with the bow. She went out and aced a carp within about ten minutes. It is pretty tricky to hit one but she got the hang of it right away. She is shooting a little bow that draws about 28 lbs. Here she is with her first yellow carp. My son connected with a buffalo fish and he thought he had a whale. It was not a huge buffalo but he had the presence of mind to snap a photo. The arrow is 36" long from point to nock so this fish is probably about 30" long. They really put on a show when that arrow goes through them. He is shooting his new birthday present. A PSE Kingfisher 58" with a 45 lb. draw. Here is a freshwater drum. Cool fish no? I had not seen one until last year. Didn't know we had them here. Now they seem to be everywhere. They look like a bass swimming in the water but once they are hit you think you have a big gizzard shad or something. Then you see the goofy round tail and the puzzlement sets in. Silver, blue metallic and crazy strong for their size. You have to let them have the line and play themselves out or they will pull off the arrow every time. Nice big fish and they are supposed to be good eating. The meat looks just like striper with a lot of red meat against the skin. But it smells good and feels firm. I have done some research and lots of people eat them.
  18. Don't know if anybody caught this video from Mar 17, when a homeowner crawled under his house to check on a problem he was having with his cable TV reception. Apparently, he saw a couple or three rattlers moving around and decided to back out and call a snake wrangler who pulled out 45 snakes from under the house. Here's a link for anyone who wants to see the video of the piles of rattlesnakes in trash cans etc. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwip0rL315PhAhUMTawKHR13BwgQwqsBMAJ6BAgJEAo&url=https%3A%2F%2Fnypost.com%2Fvideo%2Fa-terrifying-45-rattlesnakes-found-under-house%2F&usg=AOvVaw2KiZWpt3hu4Je152eAf1SK
  19. Just saw this, really happy to hear your dad is doing better, he is a great guy!
  20. "I have eaten carp tacos that were better than most trout" No doubt. Although I do like cold water trout (Planter's peanuts are fine. Planter trout, not always so good) It's true, except for all the fine bones when fried, carp can be pretty decent fare. Back in the day when there was water in the drain ditches around Hatch, we caught up to 5 lb carp and yellow cats on hand lines after school using a hook, bobber and line, and a red worm or two. My Dad loved to stuff the carp with cornbread dressing; season and wrap them in aluminum foil and bake them in the oven. The bones got steam baked until soft, and the meat/dressing combination came out very tasty, especially when cooked up with the wild asparagus that grew on the canal banks, along with a few slices of onion and jalapeno mixed in . . . good stuff!
  21. I'm definitely not expert, but it definitely resembles fire agate, but I'm sure if you can do all the test the fellow guys here they could probably do a better job identifying it! Just remember it is hard to tell just off a picture everyone will tell you that.
  22. TomH

    Old Tom

    Update. Went to see dad today. He is doing WAYYYY... better. They did find another blood clot in his right leg and will give him some kind of medicine to reduce/get rid of that one. He was eating more and wants to go home. I talked with the Doc. and he said he may be able to come home on Sat. His pain level is really down a lot now. Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts. Tom H.
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  24. Hoping for the best... my dad just turned 88 so, I can understand your feelings, have to watch them real close.
  25. Heres to a speedy reovery Mike C...
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