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    • here are a couple of realities to consider. Experience. Gold prospecting requires a command of a lot of disciplines. That takes time. It takes skill to make money at any job and gold prospecting is no different. That skill and experience comes with time invested. Without that experience there is no way you can break even much less make money. Location. Mineable earth that pays in gold value is rare. Any spots that have been found have been claimed and probably worked. You will need to find gold in gravel rich enough to recover $100 a day in a quantity to last you indefinitely. Otherwise you are going to have to find many good spots to work. That takes a lot of unpaid hours of searching and a bunch of knowledge. See the previous paragraph. I know a whole bunch of "independent miners" and I can tell you exactly zero of them can rub two nickels together. They only actually work a few days a year. The rest of their time is spent welding on some contraption or living in their head. Guys that come from a farming or mining background that have access to rich ground are the only folks that have a chance at independent placer mining. That is a rare situation that they are most likely born with.  A guy that has years of experience at prospecting and knows a few good producing areas can make a profitable hobby from it. You have to love it and obsess on gold for years before you can go out and snap up the nuggets. You must live in an area that produces fantastic gold and have access to good ground. You must do your thing in secret or have sole access or someone else is going to work your spot too. If all that lines up you might make $100 a day for your time spent. Maybe. You can make a whole lot more cash a whole lot easier working at Wal Mart. Sometimes at Wal Mart a hot chick comes around with her boobies falling out. That don't happen when you are digging holes in the old hard ground. And your blisters don't split and bleed from collecting shopping carts either. So if you are after a hundred frogskins a day I would go to work at Wal Mart part time. You can prospect the cracks in the sidewalk at Wal Mart after work and make more than you can the first year combing the desert for gold.
    • Happy Birthday bsumbdy, I hope you have a great day!
    • Yeah Steve, I think we would suspect that Montana might be an exception. High country ice cold lakes and streams seem to be the ticket for good eatin'  trout, for sure. Lake Roberts in the Gila used to be that way, so I'm told. But, no more apparently. ( My cats disagree with me, but what do they know?)
    • Hey Bill ... Put a pair aside for me ... I'll get them when I return in September. Thanks, Mike
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