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    • What do you recommend for the coronavirus?
    • Sure! Lots of hair, scat and footprint castings are available on my website. There is also a section with alien artifacts and chunks of crashed spacecraft. I am also working on a collection of stone poodle turds and exploding Martian sandstone. Smart pills are only $5 for a bottle of 20! I also have a collection of rare artifacts like left handed smoke shifters and board stretchers. Bags of Spanish mortar. Powdered unicorn horns and fossilized hens teeth. All available at low, low prices! There is even a deep discount for Nugget Shooter members! Type GULLIBLE66 in the coupon code box for 50% off your first $100 purchase! Place your order today and I will include a 4 oz. bottle of Holy water infused with colloidal silver that is guaranteed to reverse balding and improve your sex life.  
    • For sure. Just as they should.  Defending oneself or one's family is an entirely different matter,  than killing people who don't share a political opinion.  
    • I've kind of followed this topic throughout the years but only as a skeptic. Has their ever been any physical evidence in the form or hair, feces, bones, etc... to prove they actually exist?   
    • This is more of what I have been doing as of late in the countryside, since what little gold claims there were around have become less accessible in my state. Feel free to look around the channel a little. https://www.youtube.com/c/WasatchWendigo/videos https://www.youtube.com/wasatchwendigo
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