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    • Not sure I believe there is platinum in Arizona, at mineable levels.  There is a article from around 2015 where someone found a platinum nugget metal detecting somewhere in the Wickenburg Area.  I doubt the authenticity of his claim. THe Arizona Bureau of Mines had issued a warning saying that platinum is not found in Arizona except in processes like copper mining, and even issues a warning that any mention of platinum with investors being able to make money is likely a scam. Although I can’t find the exact link for the warning I mentioned above, below is a list of precious metal scams including platinum in AZ. http://www.savethesantacruzaquifer.info/az-mining-scams.pdf Its not that there’s no platinum in AZ, its just in quantities so small, that no one will ever recover platinum as a primary source, only form process like the final stage of copper processing where trace amounts of gold are removed and even tracer amounts of platinum. Other states have recovered platinum, not here.
    • All   the edge of the nugget finder coil is what makes it desirable. When you can bump a clump and get the signal, well that beats all other coils... They have discontinued the Nugget finder coils for the EVO that is just not the same.  
    • Just Sayin  The 7000 is heavy and takes work but still the technology far exceeds the 6000. I have seen the 7000 machine pull nuggets out of hammered ground. The guys who swing it pay for the equipment they use but benefit from the technology.  The Minelab 6000 would  probably not be valuable in the Mother Load of California due to the trash...not many machines are.  The gold on the benches is deep and in a hard pack very difficult to detect. The gold in the streams is contaminated with lead trash to the lowest point. Always the new Mine Lab lays the claim to being the cutting edge greater than all others. Finds gold the others didn't find yata yata...  Some Truths for those of you looking. The Equinox is better than the Gold monster.. The Gold Bug still produces as much gold in shallow ground as either the Equinox or the Gold Monster.  Bottom line any gold metal detector put over gold will hear it. The 6000 seems to be more apt to hear all and is not able to discriminate which should be an expectation for a 2021 detector. This results in making you dig a ton of small trash targets. If $6,000 dollars and a ton of trash target suits you then make the investment. I see this detector in the $4,000 range by this time next year and Minelab releasing it's sequel by Christmas 2023 but I am no salesman 
    • It is a geode, but it’s becoming a thunder egg which is simply a geode that has filled in solid. You have a pretty cool find there and should fo look for more! A guy out in Arizona who collects thunder eggs and geodes commercially told me how when you find one intact in host rock, use tape or a magic marker to mark the vertical and horizontal lines on it before pulling it out. When you do pull it out, cut it vertically from pole to pole the way it was oriented in the host material and you’ll have really nice striated lines in it from the layers as it filled in if it ends up being a thunder egg. If the lines appear tilted when you pull it out and cut it open, that means the host rock shifted tectonically after the thunder egg was formed. Sometimes you’ll see different groupings of layers where it filled in partially and continued with the next layer at a later time. sometimes these can be at different angles to each other, indicating that it formed and filled in while the host rock shifted during different periods of time. you should look in that area again, you might find some more geodes or thunder eggs. If you don’t have a good rocksaw, a cheap tile saw will work although you’ll go through blades faster,  but still it’s kind of fun to cut those open. Use emory sandpaper of different grades with water to polish it and then put one layer of clear polyacrylic coat on it to shine it up. There are a lot better examples of thunder eggs than this out there,  but this one shows examples I’m talking about where the materials filled in slowly during different periods of time and the layers finally filled in the geode solid. Had it been cut longitudinally it would not have shown these layers. and put it on your mantle.
    • Hey Bill, that G-spot scoop is a foot long, looked like you had it buried deeper than that on your specimen in the last video.  Looks good, cant wait to see what Chris and you dig up!
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