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    • I'm interested if you would message me at 9282470908 please. Names Eli
    • I wouldn't consider the dog lucky Slim. He fell down a mineshaft and got all banged up. He had to be rescued with the Arizona Vortex as well as some twin tensioned technology.  That's luck that sucks bro. Sure he is lucky to be alive. We all are. But falling down a mineshaft indicates your luck has pretty much run out doesn't it?    
    • Guys and Gals I hoped I would never have to post this but I just found out today I have some necessary/serious gum/teeth surgery and no insurance to cover it. So! Here goes! Deal #1 GPX 5000 with both the 11" stock mono and DD coils, Doc's Screamer app, 4 cam batteries for the amp, the original Li-on battery, harness, 2 Koss UR-30 headsets(one is well worn on the muff pads and the other is almost like new), curly power cord, bungee cord, AC line charger for the Li-on battery. $2500.00 I prefer not to ship (shipping and insurance is way to expensive these days) but will meet up with someone within reasonable distance from Prescott Valley.    Deal #2 GPX 4500 with the 11" stock DD coil and 8" Mono commander coil, Li-on Battery, A/C line charger, Koss UR-30 headset never used and still in wrapper, Harness barely used as I had a different harness I used with this detector, Curly power cord, bungee cord, ML rubbish bag. $2000.00. Here again prefer not to ship but meet up within a reasonable distance from Prescott Valley Deal #3 Coils and shafts and more ... 10" Commander DD elliptical coil, 14" Nugget Finder(NF) Advantage DD Elliptical coil, 14" NF Advantage Mono open frame Elliptical coil, 14" NF Advantage Mono solid elliptical coil, 16" NF (not advantage but back one generation) mono open frame round coil, 3 lower shafts, 2 Bunk's burro picks, one set dual wired speakers for GPX units, 1 pair Snake Guards size large never worn, ML hat and glove package (new). All for $800. I prefer not to ship but will meet up within a reasonable distance to Prescott Valley. Deal# 4 Deals 1, 2 and 3 as a package for $5000. I will throw in a couple videos and books about gold prospecting with a metal detector. I will post up some pictures soon. Please PM me for more info. Thank you.
    • Very lucky. https://kdminer.com/news/2021/jun/22/lucky-dog-rescued-mine-shaft-mohave-county/
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