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    • That's not the "official" map Chris. The Master Title Plat I linked before is the only "official" map of land status. That's why each MTP has printed on it "This plat is the Bureau's Record of Title". Here's what the Forest Service has to say about the map you linked to: "This information is not accurate for legal boundary or for navigational purposes; it may not meet National Map Accuracy Standards. It is intended for use by the USDA Forest Service for natural resource planning and management. The Forest Service assumes no responsibility for the interpretation or application of this data by others." Not very confidence inspiring. The Forest Service map you linked to has most of the withdrawal right but there are about 400 acres more withdrawn in the Northwest section and some of southerly portions of the map are not withdrawn. It's at best a general map of the area. South of the lake only the stream bed area is withdrawn. Once you leave the stream bed area south of the lake the rest is either private property or outside the withdrawal. To the east of Lynx creek there is good detectable gold and most is still open to location. More than 1,000 acres are open to location there. Much of the Bannie mine road area is still open to location. You aren't going to be able to make a claim on Lynx creek itself and of course any claims right on the creek are just expensive invalid fantasy claims made by amateurs. That's been going on since at least the 1970's and I imagine it's not going to change anytime soon. In total there are only 12 claims in the Lynx creek area of the Forest. I suspect several of those are within the withdrawal and will be closed by the BLM when they get around to it.
    • Hi there,  Looks like a terrestrial rock to me as well, but I’m no expert and don’t claim to be one. I look at the color, and the “angles”. They form somewhat 90° points that something that big, looking as it does, would have alblated a lot more IMO. And the color looks off too, I like to say ‘poop’ brown. That’s almost black and consistent with basalt. Just my opinion, and as I always say, “Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one.” Jayray
    • I’m not a meteorite guy. Looks like a terrestrial piece of basalt or basanite to me. 
    • If you look at the official map for lynx creek, there are some areas along the creek that are not part of the withdrawal area for whatever reason. Prescott National Forest - Recreation (usda.gov) Without having been to any of Clay's sites he mentioned, these two yellow areas look like either private property or patented claims. I checked Lynx creek for open areas years ago, and found nothing.  I checked for miles to the South.  There was some open ground perhaps a mile to the West on some pretty steep hills.  Who knows what is open there now. There is an AMRA claim that borders this withdrawal area like Bob mentioned, and I'm sure there's many other legitimate claims surrounding it. There's probably many others that are not legitimate.  Could be ignorance.  It could also be flaunting the rules.  I see the last two examples all the time in my searches.  I can't tell from paper records if it's ignorance or rule breaking though.  Either way, Yavapai county will take your money to file the location notice, and the Arizona BLM will take the fee to locate the claim and renewal fees every year, but that does not mean that person has permission to mine. There are plenty of paper claims out there.  When you do a records search like you did on Mylandmatters.org, and you start noticing the same person has filed hundreds of claims in a given area, odds are that that guy has never been out there, except to perhaps lay markers, and perhaps not even that. It was mentioned that if the official map shows you on the area, you can mine.  Just realize, that this is on withdrawal rules, which is basically pick, shovel, pan, No sluice, and NO motorized equipment.  If you're on another area, and that area is not claimed and no other restrictions are in place, you are free to use the sluice.  Please remember I searched the area years ago for miles and I found no open ground.  It also means that you can not drive to the fire station, ignore the no parking sign, and use your sluice on county property.  
    • this looks legit.  let's hear what the pros say.  I would think start with a magnet, then a streak test and finally a window.  Thanks for posting
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