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    • None of that is true. The Phoenix Mayor was called out in her lie about the morgue trucks on the same day by the same hospital she claimed needed the trucks. Tucson has not sent any COVID patients to Albuquerque or Las Vegas - first hand knowledge. Their hospitals are far from full. Do you have anything to add about the discussion of N95 masks or maybe a good story about a donkey?  Otherwise you are wandering far from the subject of this or any other not yet closed thread.
    • "Use whatever "facts" come to mind to make your point. Why bother with the actual facts when the drama is so much more popular." You mean like this Clay?
    • I think it made the point nicely.  You got it. The fact that someone like you took the time to clarify, means that it doesn't refer to you.  Unless you're still saying, "this is just another flu". Out of everything else I've said, this was the one 'non-fact' as far as you can tell. You don't want to call me Sleepy Joe or anything like that?
    • That picture is very well known and was taken in 1958 in Algeria. The soldier is a Muslim Harki working with the French Foreign Legion 13e DBLE and there is no minefield. The donkey is war bounty, I don't know if there was any "love" involved. The soldier raised the young ass and named her "Bambi". Bambi was taken to France and became the FFL mascot. This story was very well known worldwide. Quite the heart tug in it's day. A very famous story about a famous donkey. And some idiot thought they could make up a different story from it to shame those that didn't agree with their opinions. Very typically human and really a symptom of what is wrong with modern media in my opinion. Use whatever "facts" come to mind to make your point. Why bother with the actual facts when the drama is so much more popular. Now if the ass was wearing an N95 mask... Maybe in hindsight this wasn't the best choice of material to make your point in a discussion about facts and perception of facts?
    • I should of paid more attention in geology class instead of jacking around all the time.  I decision I certainly do regret now.  The stone appears angrite like?? Correct me if Im wrong on that.  Mods, if my file size is too large Ill remove some of the photos.   I did my best to crunch them down as much as possible. Thanks
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