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    • Happy birthday young'un, have one on me bro.     Old Tom 
    • Shay! Happy birfday you old goat   Hope you are having a great one. Tom H.  
    • There's a used one on eBay for $1800.00. 
    • Hey guys I have a used Garrett ATX thinking about selling it?? comes with all stock accessories plus a Minelab harness. Works great I'm getting too old to swing it anymore any idea what it's worth???
    • Hillside Detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets    Click here to View Video    Armed with a Minelab SDC 2300 and a White's Gold Master V-Sat Jeff and Gary (Two Toe's) try some Hillside detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets. High bench gold in the morning and River deposited gold in the afternoon . We moved a lot of rocks and brush looking for those elusive Nuggets and didnt go home empty handed !!! Our Hawaiian buddy Tim ( Blue Lead Gold Productions ) likes to send me pictures and video of what we are missing on the island during the winter months so I've included a few clips from him in the video. Hope you enjoy the video. SG 038
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