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    • Thanks Bob. You didn't have to do it but once again you proved to the whole class that you have a bad case of some kind of envy. Now we know it has to do with sausage. 
    • The faulty Pfizer vaccine is a perfect example of trying to do too much too fast. Sometimes things developed in socialist countries at warp speed are just not the quality that real, red-blooded Americans demand. This vaccine when used properly is very safe and effective just as the clinical studies have shown. The problems lie in how the vaccine is stored, prepared and administered. Vaccines must be stored at a very low temperature and then slowly thawed. Then diluted with the exact amount of ultra-pure water and gently mixed by tipping the vial. If the vaccine is thawed too quickly it will cause irreversible erectile dysfunction. If it is not diluted correctly it will cause explosive diarrhea and involuntary muscle spasms. If it is shaken too hard it will cause anaphylactic shock. The doses must be scheduled within 24 hours of the target date. Too soon and the victim will suffer some or all of the serious side effects listed above. If given too late it will cause serious mental problems and behavioral issues.  The chances of some hourly worker at the CVS getting it all correct is slim. Very slim. Exceedingly slim. The vaccine is taken out of a cheap freezer made in China then thawed in a microwave. It sits around for hours on a shelf in the men's room before it is diluted with toilet water and shaken in a paint mixer. Then it is administered via dull, rusty needles by asymptomatic super spreaders to the gullible few who are willing to roll up their sleeves for it. This failed biological experiment has resulted in thousands of victims choking on their swollen tongues and spraying loose excrement around while flaccid as a fishing worm.  The good news is that Pfizer has responded with an improved vaccine that is much less lethal. It will be available to the public on March 24. It is easier to store and prepare and has a much wider window of time in which the booster shot can be given. It also comes with a loli-pop. If you have already submitted to one of these risky and unnecessary vaccines there is still hope. Powerful antihistamines injected directly into the heart muscle can resolve the life threatening breathing problems in as much as 80% of cases. Adult diapers with strong elastic around the legs will make public appearances easier. And activities like meditation and yoga will help you lead a happier life while carrying around a cold, numb Vienna sausage in your boxers.  
    • You are a braver man than me Slim. I would not get a shot of the Pfizer vaccine if they paid me to do it. So many people are having terrible reactions to it. A lot of people just stop breathing after that second shot. I hear they are taking it off the market as soon as Pfizer gets the new, modified formula out next week. You should have waited a few days longer rather than let them inject you with that dangerous stuff. What were you thinking? Keep us posted and keep an epi pen handy. And may God be with you.
    • What do you think it was?   I find it odd that the tic tac stays in the center of the pilots screen the whole time.  He definitely caught something on video.  I do think think that has a more mundane explanation.  I can't even speculate on that. I saw an interview with the pilot who took the video.  He definitely claims he saw something. I also don't like the "click bait" stories that are popping up with that video and picture.  I've seen a couple of stories about additional sightings with that picture as a leader, and when I click on it, I find the story has nothing to do with the pic.   EDIT: For the more recent one, I would like to see the rest of the transcript.  He asked if anything was there.  I wonder what the answer was.  At 37000 feet, he would have 2000 foot separation minimum for opposite direction traffic.  Its not unreasonable there was opposite direction traffic.  All sorts of explanations why he would not see wings on an aircraft with a closure rate of 1000 knots.
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