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    • That's interesting and beautiful. I think it is curious how the bubbles are so round and not elongated. I don't know lots about tektites, but i thought due to the speed at which they are formed that those bubbles would look a bit different, but what do i know besides it is an awesome looking specimen. Any idea why the color is golden? ht 
    • Nice score! Congratulations!
    • Right on  good to see some nuggets, hope you have fun pulling more from your spot. ht
    • https://www.mcmaster.com/silicone-rubber-rod-stock/food-industry-high-temperature-silicone-rubber-rods/    link is for foodgrade silicone rod stock in a variety of diameters. 3 feet of 3/8" or 1/2" is about $10-$12 . It's not "crimped" so that hurdle will have to be vaulted. Cut up  gum rubber shoe soles from some old Wallabee's would be cheaper, but not food grade
    • I wish. No, I bought it from a reputable place and it came with a certificate signed by Tom Kapitany who is a  Managing Director of Natural History Museum in Melbourne. https://naturalhistorymuseum.com.au
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