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    • OK...  The leaching process is a excellent way to extract precious metals of all types from other alloys.  Using compounds you can systematicly separate the elements from the alloys.  Once you have the elements separated you can use a torch to bring them to temp. Etc..  Me personally I am processing a platinum find. Many don't know this but platinum group metals are mostly found in the form of ore. As in raw form .  Utilizing the process of refining precious metals,  for example using nitric acid to process gold. I decompose the ore into a liquid and then separate the element by neutralizing the acidic liquid.  Once the elements have been separated  and filter etc.  I then use my torch to bring up to temp. A furnace works better to get a even temp. 
    • I was in the hospital for 6 days in Feb 2020 and I havent been the same since-so with all this covid crap going around getting treatment for other things has been slow going-hopefully after next month I might be able to get out and do something once again  
    • Indigo, does your "raw platinum ore"  look like this?
    • Might have some interested  hollows if the quartz was etched away.
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