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    • We will be getting started on this project early June and hope to have it wrapped up in early to mid July. I will be leaving this on the forum in hopes of helping the site build up some new viewers & members. I think there is potential for me to bring in hundreds if not thousands of people to this site once the show airs. It will be an adventure for sure. I have been doing quite a bit of research on this and also have a great metal dector person who will assist. I'm hoping to get to the bottom of this family story which has been handed down for years. 
    • The last piece of equipment is the Keene 190 drywasher. This is a motorized, low dust enclosed unit. What I am planning is perhaps putting a crew on this unit to take it into areas of the claims where we don't have water. It would be a hand working operation not requiring permitting.
    • There will be 3 Plans of Operation in place when we open. SITE #1 is the South Kettle at the top south/western area of the faultline. Sites #2 & #3 will be at the base of the faultline and spaced about 100 yds from each other. I will bond Site's #1 & #2 simaltaneously. The smaller opeartion at the top will have a crew each weekend as will the lower operation. Each site will have a mine boss as well as supervisor plus a 4 man mine crew. Eventually, one of the operations will be moved to Site #3. Each site will be contained to 1000 cubic yards of disturbance. I have an approved area to cut in a road to the base of the faultline. This road will be about 350 ft in length. Water will be pumped from an approved site 800 ft from the base of the faultline. One of the 4 inch pumps will be used for this with 4 inch layflat dropped to 3 inch layflat for pressure. A holding pond will be dug at the base of the faultline in an existing gully where a dam will be placed to settle fine tailings water which will pass through a dam spillway into the fresh water side. This water will be recirculated & fresh creek water pumped into the pond as needed. The upper elevation operation will be furnished with water from the lower holding pond via a second 4 inch pump where it will be recirculated the same way but at a smaller scale.    We are also opening what I will now name Site #4 at the old dig site where the big strike came in 1936. This will begin as a hand work only operation with water supplied by an existing pond 300 ft to the north. This water will be recirculated and refreshed with pond water as needed. A Gold Hog highbanker will be used with a 4 man crew plus a mine boss. This is at present a hike in only site and somewhat remote from the other operations. This site was the beginning site of the 1936 crew and what the journal was initially based on. Now a crew will have a chance to work this ground once again.    Once up and running, the total mining crew on all 3 operating sites will add up to 12 people plus the supervisors & mine bosses. The camp will be set up like a small village and there will be good comradery each night. The Forest Service has given me positive vibes on the project so perhaps we can get things rolling even before August. I have a  commitment to a show up in Washington state (will be streamed in Jan 2024) during June so it would be nice to jump right into this project as the first one is finished. There will also be a few surprises as far as people who will come to the dig sites on occasion. One is a metal detecting person and the others are involved in mining and mine set up. I am over the top excited about this project. 
    • This is the South Kettle that was mentioned in the 1936 journal which as stated is quite real. It is very remote & hard to get to. That's why we're only taking the small trommel up there with the small excavator to dig and feed. Getting it water line and trommel up there is going to be a big project. https://www.goldclaimerbrand.com/ReverseHelixGoldClaimer.html
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