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    • Here's one more from Lindy. Got No Reason For Going Home by Dillon Massengale.    
    • April 25   2002     Part Three      We worked on removing overburden until about 6:00 PM. Unbelievably, Jacob worked the entire time and was actually ready to keep going. The rest of us were shot. Jacob was just itching to get to the pay gravels he had discovered 65 years ago. Each man was working a five foot wide cut into the base of the mountain so we had a twenty foot wide drift heading north. We had gotten nearly eight feet in because the ground came down at a slight angle and as we removed ground there was more of it to deal with as far as height. So we made good time today. Tomorrow will be slower. Before we left for the day Jacob did a test pan at the tub. He gave us a wink and held out the pan. There were a few flakes of gold. He said we just needed to keep working our way deeper into the hill.    When we got back to camp we washed up andJacob asked if I had any more of the canned stew. I told him I had plenty and we heated up a mess of it in a big pot. Before we ate Jacob brought out a bottle and we all drank a little whisky with him. He seemed fresh as a daisy and was beaming from ear to ear. He told us we were on gold now and might see some in the pan by day's end tomorrow. We could hardly wait. Vern was a seasoned prospector but Jim and I were greenhorns. We’d never seen more than a few flakes of gold in our brief time out here.     After supper we all sat around the campfire for a bit and talked about the claims. Jacob was convinced that there was still a fortune in gold sitting in the ground. He told us of a few hot spots that might still be holding gold up on the northern faultline as well as some secret places he would show us. Night settled in and it got cold. We headed into the campers for a good night's rest. I was hoping to see my first gold tomorrow.     TO BE CONTINUED .............
    • Yes if the mass of the gold is large enough. For example I found a 14 gram gold nugget almost 30" into the desert in Quartzsite AZ a few years ago. That's a nice nugget but it is small for that depth. The depth was measured by my pick handle which from top to bottom was 30.5". The depth of the hole the nugget was found was very near the top of the handle when I measured it. So yes I do believe that one could find a large cache of gold or any metal at 3' or more with a modern detector.
    • April 25   2002     Part Two      We began the task of reopening the mountain at a slow and steady pace. Even though the temperature was still cool it wasn’t long before the sweat was streaming down my face. After about an hour we were ready for a break - that is all of us except Jacob. We paused and watched him continue to chop away at the gravels. He was oblivious to anything but the work at hand. I could only imagine what he was like in his prime.     Eventually he paused and looked over at the three of us as we watched him digging. He stopped and rolled a smoke. I told him he was still one hell of a miner. He smiled and said he didn’t hold a candle to his brother Jed. He said Jed was a machine that never seemed to tire and could outwork any man on the crew.     We hadn’t gotten into the mountain very far yet but I grabbed a pan of gravels  and washed them in the tub. There was no gold. Jacob laughed and said it was garbage from the slides and we weren’t anywhere near the gold yet. He said it was going to take some hard work to get to it. He finished his smoke and we all got back to work.    After a while it seemed like we had all developed a steady rhythm. There wasn’t much talking but the sound of the shovels striking stone seemed to have a language of its own. Before we knew it the sun was beating down on us and it was noon. I hollered out that it was time for lunch.    We drove back down to camp and ate and talked some with Jacob. He was giving us encouragement and telling us we would get used to the work. He said it would take a few days or maybe weeks but eventually we would build up our bodies to withstand the digging. I laughed and said if I do this all Summer I won’t have an ounce of fat on me. Jacob gave me a grin and said yes, but you’ll have plenty of ounces of gold to replace it.     TO BE CONTINUED ..................
    • April 25   2002     Part One     DIGGING GRAVEL WITH JACOB      I got up before sunup this morning and Jacob was already done with his breakfast of canned hash and biscuits. He was pouring out a cup of coffee and offered me one which I readily accepted. The rest of the crew was still sound asleep in their campers. It was a cold morning but Jacob had a nice little fire going. He said he preferred to be outdoors and not in his camper unless it was raining.    We sat close to the fire and I heated some water to make oatmeal. Jacob was going on about how rich parts of the claims were. He had the buried gold and treasure out of his mind for now and wanted to help us find some places to take samples. He said the Northern Drift Mine was a good place to start. Over the years the slides had buried all the virgin ground. He wanted us to get out our picks and shovels and drive a sampling drift into the mountain. He wasn’t exactly sure where he had found the glory hole area but told me that if we went into the hill about 20 feet or so we should hit virgin gravels.     I told Jacob I was up for it and my partners would be as well. We had no approved plans so old fashioned hard work was called for. Jacob said he wanted to do a little digging with us. He was thinking he could still do hard labor but at a slower pace. I just suggested he take it easy and not to work too hard. He laughed and said hard work was all he had ever known.    Eventually Vern and Jim got up and made their way over to our spot by the fire. The sun was up now. Vern asked Jacob when he got up. Jacob told him he usually got up an hour or so before sunup and sometimes earlier. Jim said he was to be admired for all his hard work. Jacob just laughed and said hard work was something he had been taught as a young boy.    Around 8:30 AM we placed our shovels and picks in the back of the truck along with pans and buckets and some five gallon water containers to pour into a wash tub. My truck had a cab and a half so all four of us could ride inside if they chose. Jacob sat up front with me.    On the way up to the site Jacob spotted a big mule deer and gave me a nudge. It was a big one for sure. He said there used to be lion up in this area back in his day but I told him we hadn’t seen any yet but hadn’t been here too many times. Jacob laughed and said we were still green. I agreed. What else could I say?    Jacob suggested we set the panning tub in a shady spot which we did and then  we filled it with water from the containers. The sun was up and it was nice and cool. A great working day for sure. We got the picks and shovels off the truck bed and walked over to the base of the mountain. Vern, Jim, and I looked at the  mountain and we felt overwhelmed. The slides had come down at a steep angle and somewhere behind all the overburden would be gravels we wanted to test.   Jacob could tell we were a bit intimidated by the job facing us and he gave us a talk. He said nothing good ever came of inaction and once you took the first step the rest would easily follow. He told us not to think of digging out a drift into the mountain but just think about opening some ground a little at a time. He said this was our beginning and the first step to mining gold. Then he took a pouch out of his pocket. He opened it up and dumped the contents out in one of our pans. It was gold. He said there was one ounce there in the pan and it came from right here where he was telling us to start digging. We looked at each other. Vern and Jim had big smiles on their faces. The first picks hit the base of that mountain and rang out as they struck the gravel. We were spaced out a little farther than shoulder to shoulder and Jacob was working right beside me. It seemed like a dream. We were mining with a legend.      TO BE CONTINUED ................
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