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This forum is dedicated to the hunting of coins and relics with a metal detector.

Coin and Relic Forum Rules

First off let me welcome you to the Nugget-Shooter Coin and relic Forum,

There are just a few rules here and yup I do enforce them and keep an eye on things as best I can. Here are a few guidelines I'd like you to follow if you will be participating here.

Vulgar and abusive language is not welcome here! Heck a cuss word to get a point across is not so bad, but I think you know what I mean.

I will not host public arguments and pissing matches between individuals here so please just don't do it. When it happens the post most times will simply vanish into cyber space.

Political posts are not permitted here and surly you can find other forums that host those discussions, I don't think anyone cares if you are Conservative or Liberal when we are out hunting gold nuggets.

You may not use this forum to advertise any other dealer, store, or product without written permission by owner at any time. Used items are allowed in the classified section.

This forum is not responsible for anything said by it's members at any time. This is a public forum and will remain so and although I can and will occasionally zap "bad content" I don't do it often and so far have never banned a person. Also opinions expressed here do not always represent the opinion of the forum's owner!

Guests are welcome to browse the forum and use the information provided by registered members, but you can not post yourself until you are a registered member.

That is pretty much it my fellow Nugget Shooters so enjoy the forum, keep it about metal detecting for coin and relic related subjects, and play nice.

Bill Southern

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    • Bob, have you ever noticed that nobody thinks what you write is funny when you use the  emoji? You do it to me constantly. I had to look it up. It indicates "Katagelasticism" Katagelasticism is a psychological condition in which a person excessively enjoys laughing at others. Katagelasticists actively seek and establish situations in which they can laugh at others (at the expense of these people). There is a broad variety of things that katagelasticists would do—starting from harmless pranks or word plays to truly embarrassing and even harmful, mean-spirited jokes.[1][2] They would be of the opinion that laughing at others is part of the daily life and if others do not like being laughed at, they should just fight back.[1][2] For katagelasticists, it is fun laughing at others and there is almost nothing that might hinder them from doing so. For them, some people might even provoke getting laughed at and deserve being laughed at.[1][2] This condition often makes it difficult for sufferers to gain and maintain acquaintances and romantic partners.[1][2]
    • Hey it's just my opinion Mac. Don't get wrapped around the axle about it. We are all discussing what we think about it and who we think bears responsibility. I think you should stop trying to stifle the conversation.  We can discuss this very intriguing tragedy if we want to. And you are free to try and derail that conversation. But personally I don't think you can. I think the conversation will go on despite your objections. 
    • 1) "Yes, the ritual opening of the weapon and showing everyone involved it was empty was not done. But that ritual is not for the actor to initiate"  Under the NM Criminal Code, why wouldn't that be his responsibility Bob? Not necessarily, to "show everyone", but just to make sure to himself that the gun was safe since he was the one that would be pulling the trigger? (Otherwise potentially leaving himself open to a charge of Criminal Negligence) Where in the NM Criminal Code does it say that Bob? (It doesn't)  And now are you going to try and tell us that goes to the issue of Intent?  Please explain how lack of intent excuses someone from a Negligent Homicide charge? Also, how does "policy and procedure" excuse someone from statutory Criminal Negligence? 2) "He was the big honcho on set and obviously allowed things to slide. Either by ignorance or apathy he didn't insist on discipline on his set. And for that he certainly could face a civil suit"  Bob: The civil suit is a forgone conclusion. But, by your arguments stated above, you do not seem to get even the basic facts of criminal law. Ignorance or Apathy is the often the essence of a Criminal Negligence charge. Opinions are one thing. Jumping off the deep end with wild and misleading speculation and misinformation is another. That's why it is important to let the facts play out and allow the professionals who are qualified to be in their league to do their jobs.   
    • Of course. He is certainly responsible for his personal failures that contributed to the accident.  Just like everyone else involved.  I don't think his role amounts to negligent homicide. Certainly not murder. But he did pull the trigger on a gun that he did not personally check. So he was responsible to some extent. It was a very unique situation. How much responsibility he bears will be up to the courts to decide.  I think he should pay millions. But I don't think he should be criminally charged. That is just my opinion based on what has been reported. If the story about using the weapon for plinking is true there is an entirely different layer of culpability. In my opinion the only person who should be criminally charged are those who used the gun for unauthorized use and anyone who allowed them to do it. That is why the accident happened. It was a heck of a lot more irresponsible than some actor who is not familiar with weapons forgetting to open the cylinder before rehearsing, but not quite as irresponsible as picking up a weapon and announcing "cold gun" without personally checking and then handing it to someone who is going to pull the trigger. It was the armorers and AD's job to make sure actors don't forget, that weapons are secured and not used for unauthorized use, that they are unloaded at all times and that no live ammunition is ever brought on set. It is also their job to open the action when they pick up the gun and put it into play. They are experts hired to do just that because actors are not necessarily familiar with firearms. All of these "experts" failed to do their jobs. And an actor who was not familiar with weapons was paying them to keep everyone safe. They were willfully negligent. Baldwin was just willfully ignorant. Again, just my two cents.   
    • Anyone been out hunting there lately? Thinking about heading out there...
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