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    • I remember hearing about some really rare gold coins being found in San Francisco when they tore up some old sidewalks. 
    • Did not mean to dirstract from the thread with a mis-ID of a fulgerite.  I did not know about fulgertites to recently, so perhaps this is a better picture: looking at the OPs pics, who was told these were lightning strikes in sand, to me they look less likely to be created by lightning than the stone I posted earlier.  I guess my question is, wouldn't these "Lightning Stones" be branched like the photo above, and not like a piece of man made glass broken off and exposed to the elements a bit?  In case I'm confused, the pic above is a bit to transparent to be any Chalcedony that I've seen.  The little I've found is White and opaque with a little bit of rust staining.
    • Yep! Run of the mill chalcedony.
    • Thanks Bill!  No pic but a trusted story is still nice to keeps the hopes up👍🏻 Brownie 
    • The cracks in the pavement/sidewalk and the joints of paving bricks have been very good to me.  If you pick the right spot you can make several hundred dollars a day with nothing but a brush and a wire.  Techniques for urban prospecting are tricky and a lot of fun. Once you figure it out you can really haul in the goodies. Hint - Forget the metal detector. Diamonds don't beep.
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