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    • Malwarebytes Browser Guard Filters out annoying ads and scams while blocking trackers that spy on you. Download free for Chrome and Firefox browsers.   Browser Guard - Blocks ads, scams, and trackers | Malwarebytes
    • Just an FYI, if you have a good anti-virus program installed on your computer it should be able to work with your browser and block any ads and trackers, malware, virus etc. Since I'm an Administrator here as well as on a few other forums and a moderator on some more I have to check many links so I have my computer well protected, but I would do the same even if I weren't an Administrator/moderator just for my privacy and peace of mind. I do try and remove links that I find that are very dangerous to our members as far as viruses and malware, etc. but as far as cookies I think that everyone should have at least some kind of protection installed on their computers, there are free programs for basic protection out there so there no reason everyone shouldn't install one to block unwanted elements on the internet.
    • Happened many times, that is for sure. That  , ,,and the crust shifting   its relative position in  relation to the mantle.
    • Getting back to the subject of this post, what would explain a rain forest under the Antarctic ice? A shift in the earth's poles is the only thing I can think of. I also read that there is something strange under the Arctic. I think it's between the north pole and eastern Canada. Maybe at some point -- 90 million years ago -- the earth got hammered hard enough to change it's rotation.
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