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    • I'm suspicious of this, without the solve or the person who "found" the treasure, who's to know if it was ever hidden?  
    • I stopped by Sportsman's Warehouse yesterday to get some Pyrodex. The place was swamped with people buying up all the .223 and 9mm. Ammo and components to shoot their fellow American with. As I waited in line the conversation was all about killing thy neighbor in support of a political viewpoint. It reminded me of a bunch of traitorous Frenchmen. Pyrodex was readily available and cheap. I paid $22 bucks a pound. And there was a good selection of balls, bullets and sabots. No one seems to be interested in anything that does not have a high cycle rate. So it is a great time to shoot a smokestick.  They had several boxes of the Hornady FTX 210 and 250 gr. .452 bullets. These are the same bullets that you buy with the TC sabots but they are less than half price in boxes of 100. So that is a super good deal.  They don't carry any sabots other than the standard TC stuff. Those are too small for accuracy in many muzzle loaders but they had plenty. And they had lots of black powder primers and shotgun primers too.  I'll be ordering a bunch of sabots from Harvester. They said they have a big demand and two week lead time. So these are the only thing that is in short supply right now.  I plan on shooting a couple days a week for the next couple weeks. I have a hunt in October for mule deer in a place where it will be challenging to get a shot. Things need to be just right with the rifle.  I have another surgery in late July that will put me out for a few weeks. I won't have a lot of time afterward to get back on my feet and get some shooting in before the hunt. So I'll be burning a lot of powder in July.
    • Love this story! My favorite memories are times when I helped beginners find their first gold. 
    • Thanks Bill, happy 4th of July to everyone! Be safe and make sure you toss that firework before it explodes, and don't look down that mortar tube trying to figure out why it didn't go off!!!
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