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    • Missy, They are all certainly not meteorites. They look basaltic. Iron in rocks is very common and not a good indicator alone of a meteorite. Take a look at your rock(s). If it glistens like a crystal structure (ie: quartz) at any point in the rock it can’t be a meteorite. If it has layers, it can’t be a meteorite, it’s sedimentary. If it has small gas bubbles in it, it can’t be a meteorite. It’s basalt. If it is moderately magnetic it is not a meteorite. If there is a thick crust on it, it can’t be a meteorite. File off a corner or cut it. It won’t diminish it’s value. If there is all bright silvery metal it can’t be a meteorite. If it is all grey metal it can’t be a meteorite. If there is black crust as thin as a fingernail, and crazing on the outside of the rock, it might be a meteorite. If there are small silver specks visible in the filed off section, it might be meteorite. There are billions of magnetic rocks in the US, none of which are meteorites. Anyone can find magnetic earth stones nearly everywhere. Just take a strong magnet and drop into sand and you will see what I mean. Check our O Richard Norton’s, “Rocks from Space” or visit the ASU Meteorite Center or similar meteorite display venue. Keep looking down. They are are out there. Cheers! billpeters
    • I'm hoping to use that ability to my advantage. Detector arrived yesterday, and I got the battery charged, and everything adjusted to fit me. The instructions aren't kidding, it took all of 8 hours to charge from dead flat. Today should be amusing. In keeping with "new gear rules", that apply to every hobby, it's blowing 20+mph here, and 35 degrees. A wise man might wait for better weather. Not gonna happen. It's likely be a short day, but I will go out for an hour or two. Instruction manual in on hand, detector in the other, and dressed up like Kenny from South Park. Lol Regards,  Kyle  
    • Welcome back Chris and good talking with you! 
    • No but you have more places to hunt....
    • Hello there! I am a new member here and first would like to thank who ever thought up this forum! I have been searching the internet for months for something like this! 😁 I also have found several rocks that I am no certain of! They all pass the " meteorite testing" but I am still uncertain where to have them tested! I am from a very small town and no one at all close to me qualified in examining my rocks! They are highly magnet, metallic underlying & VERY dense for their size! 
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