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    • I found one that seems like a fairly good deal from Midwest Refineries. "We pay 95% of the amount of pure gold contained in your order and you receive whatever the spot price is, on the day and time your order is completed and the metal brokered. We have no minimum amounts, however please don’t send in one ring, as it’s not cost effective for us to handle tiny miniscule orders. Regards, Gary Midwest Refineries
    • Hello. I am new here. My name is David Austin. And am here to find new recipes.
    • Well after seeing Bobs last post about his scorpion/wood that was copper plated.......it got me thinking.    This is probably more of a post to pass on to your plating friend to help her out. So.............. I took one of my seed pods that looks like a reptile, and decided to plate it.   First thing I did was spray it with black lacquer a couple of times to seal it up.  After that I put on robbers. What robbers do is keep the points from building up.  I use thin safety wire just because that is what im used to. Any wire will work.  After that I painted it with conductive paint. I used the really expensive stuff on this. Im working on a cheaper paint right now......waiting for the components to come in. As you can see, the wire builds up, but the point you are protecting do not.   This part was in copper for about 2 hours.  All in all im happy with it!  Points are nice and sharp and all areas plated. When I heat up the nickel tank, I will plate the beak and feet.  Will post some more pics when it is done. Tom H.
    • I have had a metal detector off and on for years but haven't really consistently used them (never for gold). Now I want to start, even though it is HOT out. I finally took the leap and purchased a Minelab Gold Monster 1000. So far I have found it pretty easy to use (after watching a number of YouTube videos). Nugget Shooter videos have made it pretty clear what needs to be done to be up and running in prett short order. I have only been in my yard to practice ground balancing and checking the detector on coins and other metal objects. No hot rocks to deal with here so that will be something to learn when I visit other sites. Now I will look for someone to go out with to really learn how to use it. Thinking about some APA claims up near Wickenburg. Glad to be a member of the group. Bill
    • Glock mags:                                                            2) .45 x 10rd 1) .45 x 13rd all 3 for $45 S&W .380 BG 4)mags new $45 Can ship mags or AR parts for $5.00 Rattler brand snake chaps size reg. Never worn $40 AR foregrip and rear sight. For both, $25 Mailed on your dime or meet west valley
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