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    • I’m curious which university helped with verification?  Lucky to find someone to help you. Arizona State University has a note in their website saying they do not ID meteors for the public, and if a sample is sent, they will not store it but will dispose of it.  There are some reputable collectors with contacts that ASU will help, but not the average guy off the street like me.
    • June 22   1937     Part Two      He said his name was Joe Allen and looked to be in his mid fifties or so. The sheriff told me he had heard more than just a little bit about our crew. He said it was a shame my brother had been murdered. He said that half the town considered us heroes and half wanted us thrown out of the area. He said that if he wasn’t so short handed he might have done just that if there could have been the resources for a proper investigation. Sheriff Allen seemed to be at odds with himself as to what to do about our crew.    I told him we were good people and hard working miners and had been harassed ever since we came to this area to work our mine. I was blunt with him just like my brother Jed would have been. I told him I'd heard plenty about the law in this area and it wasn’t good. I told him that there was little respect here for the lawdogs and had heard they were not doing their jobs very well.    Sheriff Allen bristled at these remarks. He told me I had a lot of nerve coming into his office and talking to him like that. Then he calmed himself a bit and started asking about how much gold we were mining out on our claims. He said he’d heard we were doing mighty good and were rich men. He said he admired our hard work and the way we stood up to bad men. I cut him off and told him to stop beating around the issue and asked why he invited me to this meeting.    He threw his head back and let out a laugh. Invited? He was laughing at that word. He said he had ordered us into town for this meeting. Up to now John had sat in silence but suddenly stood up and leaned over the desk. He called the sheriff a two bit tinhorn corrupt law dog with no smarts and told him nobody orders us anywhere. I stood up and backed him. The sheriff had a look of utter shock and surprise on his face.      TO BE CONTINUED .............
    • So this should add considerable weight to its confirmation for a meteorite.  My first meteorite! I would have never imagine to touch a meteorite forget about owning one! A dream come true!
    • Don't give up. The only advice I can give you is to hunt in the early morning or late evening hours and KEEP THE SUN ON YOUR BACK AT ALL TIMES. I wouldn't bother hunting during mid day hours since everything will appear washed out. You will see the difference once you get out in the field. You need to develop some type of search pattern so you don't hunt the same area twice. Also keep in mind more stones could be hundreds of feet from the first one. Good luck.
    • I did tried to find the other fragments  but failed to do so(may be because they got buried deep under the soil?). I did a research and found out that  the nearest observed meteorite fall which was like 30km away from my feild and fell in 2002 but I guess it ain't possible that meteorite would land a fragment 30km away.
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