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    • Try a factory reset... there is way to use the gb without going through the entire process...by using manual, I think. It has been way to long since U used my 7000-now I have to relearn it...dang, darn and stuff!
    • They're a great little machine.. I wouldn't trade mine for anything (especially if it was operational at the moment, but that's another story..) I imagine one would be especially useful to those who like to desert crevice; it can really get into places even the smallest of coils are unable this side of a skinny shaft mod.. Their worst drawback, which I can't call an actual problem, is how they react distance-to-size: The smaller a target's size the closer the Falcon needs to be to elicit a beep -- and also target-size-to-distance-away ratio for detection increases rapidly.. In other words and as an example: It's possible to miss small gold in a two-tiered rock formation at the bottom of a deep crevice a Falcon was able to worm its way between then on to to check out that let's say a Zed would be able to pick up through the entire mass.. But then again you're also comparing an at-one-time nearly $10,000 machine's capabilities against an twobuck-forty-nine$ one-trick-burro's.. However, if yer gonna bust rock n clean out that crevice regardless, a Falcon will tell you if there's gold or not prior to a time-consuming pan-down (which knowing most of us we're still gonna pan down anyhow..) All-in-all not a bad deal for the price difference.. And when it comes to detecting nugglets in known shallow locations or on bedrock that's been placered or naturally swept, a Falcon is simply another of the best -- just with smaller footprints is all.. Swamp
    • That is awesome! Glad to meet you guys and hope to hunt with the Tucson boys again.
    • Awesome Pics!!  Thank you!  I might be able to make it to the spring outing!  very excited!
    • I will not ship out of the USA.   Paypal me $514 dollars, and i will package the detector and get it shipped out. Thank you @ivanivan
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