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    • So after my little nugget find i was excited to get back on the river and hunt for more. Well this time i get down to the water where i found the nugget and start working some bedrock when a local guy on the other side tells me to come over to his side. He had asked me how i was doing and when i mentioned i have never found any gold larger than a gram that's when he decided to give me a little help. First of all he told me i was on the wrong side, and that he was on the inside bend. I thought i know this but i found my nugget on the other side, but i figured he knows what he's talking about i could tell his side was a bit more on the inside bend. I get more excited when he tells me last week he helped a young veteran out by showing him where to look and the guy found a beautiful 1oz nugget with quartz rounded like a ball. So he tells me i can keep whatever i find under a oz after that we split it.  Then he says oh yea keep an eye out for iron meteorites! I'm thinking this is too good, and after 3 hours of panning it was feeling like i was doing better on the other side. My time was running out and i had not really found much but some fine gold, so on my way out i saw a hole in the bedrock and i just scooped up what i could and threw it in the bucket with hopes when i got home i would pan out some gold. No gold when i got home, but when i ran the detector over my tailings something sounded off, and turns out i caught a fresh water chondrite badly weathered but visable chondrules and free metal.
    • Hey thanks everyone, this ties my record for biggest nugget, still waiting for the day i find my first full gram+ . 
    • Maybe coasters for big mug of your choicest drink. 
    • shellac is a moisture barrier, works great for wood and metal. easy to restore.
    • Only when they stick out to me in my fields haha.  I want to find out what this is made of first, these green translucent crystals only appear with light behind it, otherwise that same area is black.  I just started rock slicing, I used to just carve into them.  Any suggestions on what what to do with them? 
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