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    • Best Wishes with the Sawbones.  
    • Great use of raw materials Bob, thanks for sharing some of your creative skills including the super close ups of your local flora.  Ht
    • I have no metal boots.  Bates.  In black and camel color. Tell Bill what you need and I will drop ship them.  Even though it appears these boots have metal eyelets, they do not.  They are made of a composite material there is absolutely ZERO metal in either of these boots. I  have the old style Black 2280,  They are waterproof they are not insulated but they are hot on the summer.  These have NO ZIPPERS!  Zippers have metal in them.  These are close outs at $79.95 plus s&h

        The others are the desert tan EO8670  $107.  retail $149.  These boots are specifically designed for HIGH HEAT, they are not waterproof.  NO ZIPPER.

      I have most sizes in stock including WIDES.  The Black boots have limited sizes because they have been discontinued.

    • Outstanding! A big 10-4 and Semper Fi to you Doc. "Once a Detectorist, Always a Detectorist" . . .
    • Everybody knows - or should know - this protected New Mexico cactus. Do you know what it is Slim? It is near a famous battlefield in southern New Mexico. How about this one. Do you have any idea? It is near Silver City at an old mining camp called Georgetown.  How about this one? It is not a cactus but it is prickly. Just like you are a little prickly sometimes.   Notice that instead of spending my time being a stupid tit I used that energy to contribute something. Compare and contrast this with your situation and connect the dots.  
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