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    • Popac I find hot rocks left in the bottom of pre-dug holes all the time. specific gravity of graphite is around 2.25  its pencil lead. AzNuggetBob
    • I would think it's a bear trying to keep every symmetrically EXACTLY the same. Even a half a thousandths can do strange things in a Combustion chamber. Dang Dave ! Yea was spitting out words way above my pay grade. I had to look em up !     """ Posted by T.O.O. on June 21, 1998 at 12:05:53: In Reply to: What is "quench"? What is a "quench area" Why is it good? n/m posted by body on June 21, 1998 at 10:09:42: Quench, or squish area is typically the flat area on the top of the piston that's almost level with the top of the block deck. It must have a corresponding flat area on the deck surface of the head to qualify as quench. If you look at a combustion chamber, you will usually see these flat areas, and they will have the volume of the actual combustion chamber between them. When the piston is compressing the mixture, as the piston nears the head, the flat areas on the head and piston come together and force the mixture from those areas to "squish" into the chamber, where the spark plug and burning mixture reside, so you achieve a more complete burn. The quench area also runs cooler than the rest of the chamber / piston. These lower temperatures are where the "quench" comes from. When properly designed, the quench areas can have a tremendous effect on the quality of combustion, and allow higher compression ratios, and due to this they are considered "artificial octane" by scientific types. Bottom line is "properly designed, quench is good". .......................................T.O.O. ....................................... ps. As it is like (more octane), and promotes a better burn, why do the turbo people do away with it?? Go figure. """
    • Hey everyone, i have calculated the density and done streak marks on porculain. Density is between 2.05-2.15. It does not attract magnet hanging on a thread, and does not attract needle hanging on a thread. Streak marks are grey-silverish, similar to the colour of the rock, pencil like. I'm open to any suggestions now you might have about what it is. Thank you for responses
    • It's definitely not a meteorite. Chip off a small piece and use a hammer to reduce it to a powder. Smear a little bit on a piece of white paper with your finger. . Let us know what color it is.
    • It is 99% identical as the rock in this video. Let me know what you think thank you. I don't see a reason why my friend would lie to me, the way it appeared it could have come only from above. Thank you for your responses. https://youtu.be/OI9PWViGAXQ
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