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Post any contests ya want to run here, fun, fun, fun....

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    • Happy Birthday Doc, I hope you have a great day!!
    • I read a news article about this but it didn't have any photos or a video, that's really scary, I lived in a mobile home a long time ago and a stray dog had made her home under the trailer and she a had a litter of pups, I heard them under at the back of the trailer so I crawled under there to get them out and put them into an old dog house I had, the trailer was only about 20" to 24" off the ground so it was a bit tight crawling over pipes, etc. and very dark so a flashlight was needed to see under there, the only way under there was from the front, I crawl 24 feet to the back of the trailer on my belly, got all the pups in a cardboard box and started dragging them back out I had moved about 1/4 of the way towards the front and I looked up at the bottom of the trailer and saw a few spider webs, the more I looked the more I saw and then I noticed the spiders in the webs, BLACK WINDOWS EVERYWHERE , as I proceeded to make my way out I counted no less then 200 BW from young ones that haven't turned black yet to many full grown ladies just waiting for me to raise my head enough to get a bite , I'm not sure how I had crawled all the way to the back without getting few of them in my hair, I was sooo glad when I got out, after I did get out I looked back under with the flashlight and then noticed that there were few BW  crawling on the ground as well, I guess my karma from going in to help the Mom and her pups was the only thing that saved me from getting bit many times over, snakes I can deal with, but SPIDERS makes my skin crawl, mainly because being so small they are harder to spot before you get too close or make contact with them!!!!  
    • Nice story Lanny, just when I thought it was getting long, it just kept getting better. AzNuggetBob
    • Morlock I'm working on a new theory that black holes are a port hole in our universe or a window to another dimensions that galaxies are either pouring into or even out of depending on what side of the dimensions or denominational thinking your on. they could even be a hole in time, gravity or dark matter. at times I see dimensions as being stacked like a deck of cards looking at it from a horizontal  point of view or possibly even a series of spheres, one outside the other. My thinking on it is, if you don't consider the options,the possibility based on our known reality of the universe you'll never progress. but we can only ponder the possibility that things aren't always as they appear based on our three thinking.a dilution based on an optical illusion. And know that we have Atmospheric Cherenkov telescope used to detect gamma rays. Infrared telescope. Radio telescope. Sub-millimeter telescope. Ultraviolet telescope (see also Ultraviolet astronomy ) X-ray telescope (see also X-ray astronomy) Wolter telescope telescopes, so that optical perception illusion that no longer exists as fact. In my opinion new ideas should always be welcome. just my two cents on it. AzNuggetBob
    • That's just one of the upsides. AzNuggetbob
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