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Post any contests ya want to run here, fun, fun, fun....

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    • If you're taking a 12 footer out into open water on that lake you obviously know what you're doing. In ''94 (I believe it was), a big squall on the lake with high winds came up pretty quick and nearly swamped the marina, wrecking several of the moored boats and created a lot of damage. I was fishing off of South Cove and went to shore when it started to hit. But as I did,  I could see a few of the smaller boats still out there getting tossed around by the waves and  having problems cranking up, so I launched and managed to get them towed in. The result was, I barely made it back without getting swamped and sunk myself, although my 20' Bayliner was getting slammed against the dock, my engine had died, and my anchor rope got fouled around the propeller.  I had to jump into the water (Errol Flynn style, hunting knife between my teeth), and cut the rope that was wrapped around the Prop and the Shaft to free it, (trying to avoid getting smashed between the boat and the dock), but I finally managed to fire up the engine and get the heck out of there.  I didn't catch any fish that day, but it was reward enough that the people I towed in were grateful that they didn't drown. So was I. For them and for me.
    • think those are man made cattle tanks from the ranch hardtimehermit spoke of...
    • If they are schooling like a couple of weeks ago, going to try my flyrod out...could be fun.
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