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Post any contests ya want to run here, fun, fun, fun....

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    • I have not, but I will check it out I've been looking for more mineral channels and Haha I hadn't noticed, but you're right it does look like a brain.   
    • i hope i posted in the correct area/page just looking for input and answers, i am a modern weapon speacialist, patriot, and sawyer with “in field” experience for over ten years in the bradshaw mountains of arizona not limited to tracking, POI, geology, chemistry, weather, plants, animal behavior, fire behavior, the ability to see things from long ago when all factors are taken into consideration, land of the apache, the weaver party, and the real “wild west.” thank you for reading.
    • powder horn, trumpet, shot glass. the FACT that it was discovered beneath the root ball of an uprooted tree of such age IS enough to positively say that the “history” books..well, they leave quite a bit of info out. i never have seen the “poodle” but i see hearts and “tree deformations” quite frequently to the point where it is obvious (TO ME) that they are not natural but man made. nothing is for certain i hope someone can shed some light on my discovery. also the “horn” is non-magnetic, looks handmade but the inside is (“clearly”) honed, but yet “un-even” could be from weathering, not certain
    • some type of “horn” fact:non ferrous metal. looks like granite under microscope. found after a 600-800year old alligator juniper tree was pushed over and uprooted during road construction, found literally under the known old tree. fifteen feet(ish) from a protruding quartz vein, a series of “old time” juniper trees that run SW-NE. found within visual of “Towers ranch”
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