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    • Anyone know which refinery offers the best payout on spot gold price for less then five ounces? They usually pay out less for the small lots. 
    • That Stem Cell Therapy is good stuff.  It really is a miracle.  I've seen what it had done for my dad's lungs.  Awesome!! And you know I'm play'n about that son of yours.  Young Tom has a heart of gold.  It doesn't surprise me one bit.  I am sure Sherri is in good hands. Hope you see both out there soon! Andyy
    • That's where I get my non metallic boots at also.  They do have good buys from time to time on discontinued items.  Go back through their inventory again and I'm sure that you'll find something good for yourself.   That boot in the picture looks like it is laughing at you.      Old Tom
    • I guess that you haven't been out in a while either Andy.  It's so hot down here that all I do is go food shopping and put out out the garbage each week.  Come cooler weather watch out man I'm going all in.  I'm feeling a lot better and I start my Stem Cell Therapy for my knees next week.  Sherri, Young Tom's wife, is making a miraculous recovery from her bout with Cancer.  After operations, bone grafts, feeding tubes, Radiation, Chemo etc., etc. She is healed of that dreaded scourge.  Tom took great care of her for all that time and coaxed her along all through it.  He might be a little crazy at times but he makes a heck of a Soul Mate.  I was pretty crazy at his age also.  I guess he learned some of it from me.  We'll get out now as soon as it gets cooler and he gets some free time for himself.  I don't dare go alone as I might just fall in one of those holes that I dig.  See you out there Andy...........    Old Tom      
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