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    • Your pictures are "evidence" of Goethite. https://www.mindat.org/gm/2048?page=49 It's not up to readers here to prove you wrong. Your evidence, when subjected to experience and logic, amounts to some cherry picked assumptions about your specimen that you would like us to accept as a valid theory. How about you clearly state your postulation as such and encourage others to consider all possibilities? Or you can stick to your "theory" (almost fact in your mind?) and skip the whole postulation and scientific method thing. The choice, as always, is yours.
    • Just like all Earth rocks that have a 1000's year old weathered surface. billpeters
    • Celuke,      It appears my evidence has been ignored and not taken into any serious consideration, as I suspected. Hence, why the subject-thread goes into a comedy routine, vs. any substantial data/pictorial evidence showing common terrestrial-iron that exhibit these same crystal features.       Check into the subject of "Neumann Bands/lines," found only within high-pressure shocked iron-type meteorites. It does not take an expert or prop-comic to see they are connected with the same high-pressure shock process, as do the photographic samples I have presented that also compare to your own. As far as magnetism is concerned, the magnetic field around the Earth has changed many times throughout the last 66 million years. Should you heat up your sample until it glows red, you will rearrange the electrons, and find that it sticks to a magnet like glue.       These comedians will "never" be able to show "photographic evidence" of such a "common" piece of iron exhibiting these type of features. However, they will be able to throw some more bad jokes out there. That's the common/easy way to go.        My sole intention was to give you a new avenue of research for your important specimen, and certainly not change the minds of this comedy circuit going on around these parts.  "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence," I believe Carl Sagan said that. "Extraordinary evidence requires extraordinary observation," I said that.  And, that ain't here.  - James Tate      
    • 1915 gets it down the road nicely. Looking forward to seeing further post.
    • Inside different from outside.
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