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    • The radial flow patterns and glypted faces suggest it is a meteorite.
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    • Here is a moon diamond meteorite that was on my facebook today. Mine look like a diamond meteorite that shattered, these are probably out there, as to what type this is, who knows? All I know is that cleavage is only in diamonds from the ratio structure of the atomic matrix that only diamonds possess. The manner in which I found them also suggests that they were not put there on purpose. The cubic structure makes it clear. What is not clear, is how I am going to be able to get rid of these? Could there be a fake diamond type with flat four plane cleavage?     
    • WillM, Hardly any meteorites contain diamonds. The ones that do are are microscopic, usually brown, and industrial grade quality -similar in quality to one's used for grinding.  Suevite diamonds are micron sized. Suevite is terrestrial rock transformed by multi-kilometer wide crater impacts which may contain micro-diamonds. Suevite from Reis Crater in Germany is typical with an estimate 72000 tons of diamonds that are normally too small to be seen. However, the very largest diamond clusters within can be seen, but are much smaller than the period at the end of this sentence at 200 microns and have no intrinsic value.  The Alma Sitta Meteorite has some of the largest known diamonds directly found in a meteorite topping out at 100 microns.   It is time to stop posting your rocks here and instead look at, read, and interact with other posts of suspect meteorites which are either validated or dismissed. Cheers! billpeters
    • I am visiting in NorthEast Washing state: Looking for Recommendations for Public land spots in Northern Idaho or Northeasthern Washington State. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  If there is a club that hosts People on their site, that would be really nice as well.  I am from Kentucky and have never had a chance to prospect this area for just a few hours of fun.
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