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    • Turned out great!!! That's well worth the time. Hope you can get a good price for them.
    • A couple of weeks soaking in Acid Etch Cream.
    • Coconut oil is better both topically and internal.
    • Good question. How much did the Canadian mining company pay to the Clintons for the Uranium One deal. I think it was hundreds of millions of dollars. Bill got paid a lot of money for a speech in Russia soon after and the wife of the former mayor of Moscow wired 3.5 million to Hunter Biden.  Nothing to see here. 
    • Pebble Mines is an American company incorporated in Alaska. They, and their United States subsidiary corporations own the Pebble mine project. They pay taxes in the United States and are subject to Alaska State and United States laws. The Pebble Mines corporation is wholly owned and funded by Northern Dynasty Minerals Limited incorporated in Canada. The Northern Dynasty Minerals Limited company stock is more than 80% owned by United States citizens and corporations who pay United States taxes. If you want to stop foreign funding of U.S. mines you would need to change the U.S. laws and eliminate several important treaties. Essentially you would be restructuring the American financial system. If you were to accomplish that commercial mining in the United States would cease. Foreign investment is important to mining, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and just about every other aspect of our lives. We could go the way of North Korea and eliminate all non state approved foreign investment. I am of the opinion that would produce bad results similar to what North Korea is experiencing. That's just my personal opinion based on what I have observed. If you disagree and have a plan I'm sure there are several political forums that would be glad to debate your proposal. No mines in the United States are owned by foreign corporations. It's a basic requirement of U.S. law that U.S. mineral resources can only be extracted by U.S. citizens or U.S. corporations who are subject to U.S. laws and regulations and U.S. taxes and fees.
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