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    • A rock with hot pink survey paint sprayed on it.
    • I used super glue to hold it together, then I ended up using Gorilla Glue (which is what I had on hand)  I  built up a complete cast around the outside from the holes on the coil ears to an inch down the shaft and was able to spread it on the inside as well.  I ground down the inside enough to slide the coil connector through.  It seems to be rock hard solid.  I installed the new lower shaft I bought but not before building up a cast around the outside like I did on my broken shaft for added strength.  I think it will be fine for a spare.  Appreciate all the helpful ideas that I can fall back on if my attempt doesn't hold. Doug  
    • Well Morlock you know ones that start fires.  
    • Reinforcing with fiberglass drywall tape works wonders   , and adding microspheres is great at thickening runny epoxies that need a long set time.
    • There are epoxies that adhere to plastic quite well- just look for it on the label. Always, but always, I cross hatch the area to be glued with a razor knife, then coarse sandpaper, and then acetone or non lubricant ether(starting fluid). I have even used brake cleaner in a pinch.
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