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    • Glad to see you back out there Chris, Dave
    • Another water smoothed quartz piece, similar to the brown one, found around the same area too.  This one seems to be tinted blue with red on a portion of it, maybe jasper?  When looking closer at it, I can see dark blue flakes throughout the entire piece.  What are those?  Also there are portion on the edge that look burned, but could be bits of oxidized iron, my detector didn't pick anything up on it. Thought I would share, it seems unique
    • Hello to all search enthusiasts. At the beginning I apologize for my English. I think it will be better if I use the interpreter. He has been treasure hunters for 25 years. Never take an interest in any meteorites, and during these years I have probably treated many as a remnant of the war. I am looking for in Europe where many battles took place. Five years ago I visited the Vienna Museum of Natural History. The meteor collection I saw made a great impression on me. Since then, I brought suspicious stones from every trip. They are probably meteorites only in my dreams, but who asks don't fool. So I am asking for opinions, although one of several hundred kilos will turn out to be just that. best regards robert  
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