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So ya think ya can cook? Well let's share some recipes, everything from food to soap to whiskey or whatever is welcome here.

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    • Bedrock Bob  is exactly right , If I can get a digging bar under it it can be moved.  I have moved small buildings as he described . I spent many years as the deck boss on on a ship with a 50 ton boom rigged with a 4 sheave double block , it was slow though. We routinely moved 18,000 LB concrete anchors on deck or setting on the ground with big pry bars and setting them on 2" x 4" blocks and skidding them around  with 8 foot pry bars, it was slow but safe.  Also years back when Stanton was Stanton ,Morlock showed up with a griphoist , I don't remember the model but we used it to move every boulder in the creek below the club house . Some of them were huge ! Our method was to dredge out a hole next to it on the side we wanted to roll it , get some truck tire chains below the center of gravity and roll it over in to the new hole. Always put a beer can in the new hole to prove to later people that we had moved it. I don't remember that we found much gold but had a ball in later years when My wife Polly and I were the caretakers there and I would tell people that a beer can was under the big rocks A lot of them didn't believe it and those things had really settled in after a couple of monsoons ! Tom and Norma ( Who in my opinion was the best caretakers Stanton ever had and that I got hired to run Stanton when I got tired of it) can vouch for this story as can Morlock who sold me the grip hoist. I had pictures but all off them burned , but someone out in this old world has some pictures and I sure would like to find a copy ! The griphoist never failed but sometimes the anchor point was a problem.  
    • Frigging awesome!! Cant beat that at all guys!
    • Pretty much same area. Just moving out from the main area and also hunting the private property around there.
    • Good for both of you ! I haven't been out for so long I forget when it was but I am shortly changing that. Cane and all! Tell Tom to stick with it! The gold god has a nuggy out there with his name on it .
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