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    • Local woman in Placerville is known as trufflehuntress and has an orchard of truffles under hazelnut trees. Still trying to id the variety.  
    • Then again, it could be aliens who became angry with our space junk that have caused these space hurricanes. I mean seriously, we are polluting the universe with all kinds of crap. Now there is even a Tesla floating around out there. Maybe it is the polluted space itself that is causing it. If pollution causes problems here on earth, just imagine what it does in space.  
    • I think in this case "flock immunity" is a better description. They are selecting certain people to get that Pfizer vaccine. Those are the ones they want to reprogram or eliminate. They collect data on every person and send it to China. They use artificial intelligence to select the individuals for each vaccine.   The poor men who got the Pfizer vaccine in mid Feburary were exposed to some powerful mutagens and some crazy nanotechnology. Who knows what it might do to their bodies and minds. There is solid evidence that this group was selected for their antisocial tendencies and poor personal hygeine. Pfizer batch TA-3561 was intended to be given to this group. It contains a nanoparticle that attacks your brain and makes you process adrenaline.  Within weeks you will experience mood swings and uncontrollable excitement. Within a month your adrenaline levels will be high enough to harvest. That is when they come for your glands. What if it was all about adrenochrome Slim? That could be the big picture. You and those other poor people that got the Pfizer could be farmed for your adrenaline to make adrenochrome for Satan worshiping cannibals to use at their orgies. I'm not saying it is for certain Slim but there is solid evidence. And it could happen. Neither one of us really knows for sure.      
    • Analysis: Vaccines Alone Could Bring Herd Immunity By Summer https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/cnn-covid-vaccines-herd-immunity/2021/03/06/id/1012765/
    • There are lots of fungi farmers out there these days. And a bunch of fungi hunters. A fellow at the farmers market raises four kinds of mushrooms for sale. He says he has been expanding for the past five years. I hunted rocky mountain puffers in the Pecos wilderness a couple seasons. Once you get the hang of locating them you can do really well. 
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