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    • You would have to check the regulations Slim. Not the rules... "Regulations are mechanisms for implementing laws and for enforcing established policies. Regulations have the force and effect of law, and violations of the same are punishable by fines, imprisonment, or both. " I'm assuming since it is a National Park that any type of prospecting or metal detecting would be prohibited. Just like off road driving and off road vehicles. Masks are only required inside park buildings and where distancing is impossible. So "on these lands" they are not required. I would certainly wear one if I was going to be face to face with anyone inside or out. And on these lands you should too. I already posted the link to the regulations in this park. You should click on it. Then you would have some idea of what the regulations actually are considering off roading, masks, shooting, detecting and prospecting. Ill post it again for you! https://www.nps.gov/deva/planyourvisit/backcountryroads.htm
    • Jeff, the wife and I both enjoy your videos as well as Gary's. You guys must have heard of the trick with tire chains and moving rocks right? Works much better than a simple chain. Keep up the good work.
    • I guess you'd have to check the rules bob. I wonder if shooting up old glass bottles is prohibited. Heck, even shooting.  One thing is for sure though, the government made a huge land grab when Clinton substantially enlarged the park and created the Joshua National Park in 1994.  Lots of good ground was pulled from the mining public.  Oh, and face masks are required on these lands now. I wonder if subjects of this thread were wearing theirs.
    • Wouldn't coin and nugget shooting be illegal in this area? Or is "prohibited" a better word?
    • Here is an interesting article about Gold Valley and Willow Creek that might interest nugget and coin shooters.... https://www.legendsofamerica.com/ca-willowcreek/
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