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    • Thanks for getting back to me.  I cant seem to find any information on this coil, how old is it?    
    • That ship sailed a long time ago.   
    • One of our fellow prospecting members..JasonG... had a bunch of his prospecting gear, tools and other items stolen. If anyone notices any specious persons selling any prospecting gear, etc., please contact Jason or the Mohave county Sheriff dept, please! Here's is a link to his post on Steves H.'s forum, which would most likely be the best place to try and contact him if you notice anything that may help him track down the thieves. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/10779-theft/ "Posted Tuesday at 01:57 PM Sorry for the off topic post, I just wanted to get this out there quickly and please delete if this shouldn't be here. I had a ton of stuff stolen in Arizona, not sure what exactly yet as I have to drive down now to find out. They abandoned my RV on the road since I sabotaged the wheels to prevent theft (after they dragged it 1000ft ruining my axles and drums), but took everything inside, and took a 40ft Conex worth of tools and gold prospecting equipment. So much stuff I'm not even sure what all was in it until I can do a full inventory. So, if anyone sees someone in NW Arizona trying to offload a bunch of drywashers, crusher stuff, cleanup stuff, sluices, especially if they seem like tweakers, please let me know. Also, a Yamaha Grizzly ATV, green, 400cc. Tons of tools, most the battery powered stuff was Makita. Had a Troy Bilt gold vac, a smaller keene drywasher (is it the 141?), a bigger Keene drywasher (black), a puffer Keene drywasher. I'm forgetting a ton of stuff but, you get the idea, if some tweaker is going around trying to sell gold prospecting stuff for cheap to people, get a name if you can. Mohave county Sheriff is out there now, if anyone has heard anything at all, please let the sheriff know. Had all my detectors with me in Wyoming so none of them were stolen. If anyone hears anything, anyone mentioning anything about who did this, please let me or the sheriff know. The gates and the chain were cut, plus cut through 4 large boron carbide shackles. they had tools and it was planned. It wasn't in a place that someone randomly would have found, I suspect they are local and/or prospectors at this time. It sounds like some of my con buckets were stolen, which would look like dirt bucket to someone who didn't know it might be valuable so if they weren't prospectors, they must be familiar with it to take buckets of dirt. It may have happened a few weeks ago, I just now got someone track me down from some papers they found in my abandoned trailer and let me know about it sitting there in the middle of the road. It's been 110 or hotter out there so there weren't many prospectors around but one said he thought he saw my trailer moved at least a few weeks ago. If anyone has info leading to an arrest with at least some of my items found so I know it was them, I will give you $1000 cash. We can work it out anonymously if preferred. Thanks"
    • Okay I am trying to get ss straight to the point as I can here, maybe it will help me see what is going on. This mass weighed 1.9 grams and the density measurement I have ordered lab equipment, as it was impossible to find lab equipment nearby. I don't know if it messes with the measurement that it was a cooking cup. It raised the water a little over half a millileter so .54. 1.9/.54 is 3.51, the same density of a diamond. Question: does the specific gravity have anything to do with the density that it would affect it in any way? The specific gravity was 2.71 like quartz but it has the density of diamond. I just don't think the two are related. I used a phone to draw the graphic of the density measurement. Each line is a little less than one half of a fifth of the ml marks. It would have had to be 1.9/.7 for it to match the density of quartz. If the lines were .7 width only, they would only be able to fit seven lines between and this fits 9 and a little. Anyways, just wanted to know if specific gravity affected the density. It must have a greater volume than normal for it's size like it was compressed. Let me know what you think. Like it has more mass for it's usual volume. Thanks
    • I have this one its a coiltek 12x24 mono with clear skid plate in very good condition $ 150 and its yours let me know if your interested-Thanks Mike C...
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