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    • No sign of this shutdown slowing down anytime soon. I do think that all levels of government will be hit hard from getting less taxes, and will be making cutbacks, just not as quick as the private sector.  I just wonder if these "Layoffs" or "Furloughs" do happen, if the govt employees will get back pay or some other compensation after their jobs start back up.
    • As you guessed Edge Covid crap has made working with government offices worse. I don't know of a single County Recorders office in the west that's open to walk ins or over the counter at this point.  That wasn't true at most Arizona recorders until the last two months or so. At one county recorder in California recently I couldn't find a record I needed so I requested a search. All county recorders will search their records for you. It's what they are elected to do - keep the public record and make it available to the public on request. All of the County Recorders I have encountered  charge for the in house search service so to keep client costs down I try to avoid searches. This particular County Recorder refused to do a search. I asked why and the answer was "because Covid". I asked if they were fully staffed at full pay and the answer was yes. I got some attitude and no answer when I asked again why the County Recorder couldn't do the job they were elected for if all the needed resources were available to them. I'm getting lot's of "because Covid" excuses in fully staffed and paid government offices these days. Restaurants, banks and dope stores are open but most government offices are on fully paid in office Covid vacation. We do live in interesting times.  
    • I think we've hit the high and gold will start to fall.  Each place you look, you see a little different about how gold is used.  I'm going to go with 50% jewelry, 30% gold bars, coins, and central bank holdings, and about 20% industrial.  Since Jewelry accounts for over half of gold use, the thing that concerns me the most is the number of young couples I see who are getting rings made of something other than gold, and less jewelry being worn that has precious metals in them.  I really think its losing its appeal.  Of the rest of it, about 30% falls into what I consider speculation, bank holdings and gold bars and coin, and the rest is used by industry. I just don't think the speculative demand for hold will outweigh the reduced demand by consumers, and perhaps if COVID causes industry to scale back on gold need, I see the price trending down. Stock market is doing pretty good also.  It's recovered nearly everything from the tumble it did for the first couple months of the year.  People who have money to spend in investments will probably keep it in the stock market and not gold speculation.  I know people like to say things like gold goes up when the stock market goes down or there's uncertainty, and that certainly does make good radio and TV commercials, but when I look at the charts that says gold prices and compares it to things like the stock market, I see no correlation. I'm no expert here, but I think by looking at charts, I'd say the true price of gold right now may be closer to $1000-$1200, but I don't think we'll see that by the end of the year.  THe spike we say in the early 80's lasted around four or five years, the spike we saw around 2012 lasted a year or two longer, and it appears we're over a year into this spike.
    • For going to the county office, I'd say that I'd need to check the website and call before going there.  For the Reduced sized claim I found last week, was 160 acres which was reduced to 40 acres.  The only clue I can find is the one who staked the claim sold it in a quit claim deed to two signatories, which means 40 acres.  Anyway, that particular quarter section is entirely claimed up, so there's no need.  For the missing claim location, I had a friend who knew the county recording number, so that's how I found the location, so nothing is available claim name on this.  To find the amended location, that would be a real headache.  The original filing was done by someone who has filed thousands of claims, so could be difficult locating that particular record for the amendment.  I may be able to search by this person's name and look at his filings over a two month period. I'll be looking at 80 acres this weekend, and that will keep me busy with my metal detector and my 40 X Loupe with the UV light and white light.  If it shows promise, I will file with the county. Know someone who was involved in an investment gone bad when she bought a bond that a guy who could not legally sell it to her, and basically lied to her.  She won a judgement, never got the money, because he was always broke.  She went into the county records to see what he owned and how he hid his money.  For two years, she would get on the county record site every day to see what this guy filed for.  The guy was living quite well, but not in his name.  The county records left a trail, but for the work she was doing, searches were made harder by things like we've talked about in this thread: recordings not indexed with the name for the search, company name was left out, or records just appeared to be missing.  You would have thought that the state of Arizona would have investigate something like that, which they did, but never in anything that resulted in a legal prosecutable action.  The state helped her get  the judgement, which he agreed to pay the state quite the fee for investigation.  He never paid either party.
    • With the millions of more new gun owners, maybe more are ready to defend themselves against their own moron countrymen?
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