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    • Yea RD snakes worry me a lot, especially in those conditions. Besides almost impossible to bust your way through is the worry of  someone starting a fire upwind from you. In that pic I had just made my way through the thickest part so the Toyota was about  another 50 feet in front of me in a clear spot. Leaving in a few minutes to check out another spot just like that one, maybe hit it tomorrow early. 
    • Drove past your place @ the I-95 split shortly before midnight Wed 10/10/18 heading for a 'do in Baltimore -- while not intentionally wanting but ultimately needing to race the 'cane up the coast.. Although buffeted by the wind field until nearly into VA the only place we caught serious storm conditions was a bit north of the US 278 exit.. Drove into a feeder band that had everything except hail.. Forty miles of lightning, window-rattling thunder, approx. 50 mph or higher van-rocking gusts and rain so heavy you really couldn't see at times.. If we hadn't lucked out by falling in behind a trucker who obviously knew that stretch of pavement... Nice ride back though, once we got out of VA.. They spend entirely too much on cops per sq. mi. and not nearly enough on highway maintenance.. Shot past your place on the return again just before midnight Mon, Skip.. Really wanted to dip a pan or two over somewhere near Loud Mine, but the timing was all wrong.. Between the day/night flip-flop and add'l mileage, a few hours of panning / sluicing / detecting = we probably still wouldn't be home yet, lol (and yes, we did have all the tools with us -- everything except time..) Swamp
    • I remember this cheekako and I am going to put him on the ground and bite a chunk out of his ear. We are going to kick up some dirt I tell you!  Just kidding. I will be here in God's country beating some other poor greenhorn to a pulp. So the gentleman from Wyoming can mingle without fear of my knuckle bumps on his cabeza. As long as he takes the road around New Mexico to get there he will probably arrive unmolested. You buckeye brothers and your California cunados can decide what to do with him when he arrives. 
    • Nice job Andy! now about the gall bladder ... at first how did you know it was a gall bladder ... not kidney or appendicitis as an example? Previous issues? Just curious ... I always try to do field analysis on myself before talking to the doctor! Some times I'm right and sometimes not right! 
    • Then I will be there and will prepare a good Italian dish, thanks guys. Actually I'm already there if anyone wants to hook up. 
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