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    • As new condition fits factory battery. $40. Pickup outside Kingman Az or will box and ship. Reply here, or PM here  Or text / call 928  303 8474
    • I had not found that one.  It’s almost exactly what I’m looking for, just want an 8” boot.  That one is all leather which I’m looking for for snake protection and cactus protection to go with the snake guards I wear. I’m hoping to find some type a forum member has bought recently.  I’d be a bit upset to spend all that money and find a composite toe protected work boot with composite eyelets that can pass through a metal detector at an airport, but boot tacks in them would set off our metal detectors.  I’m hoping to find an 8” all leather boot.  It seems nearly all the composite boots produced come with some type of cloth like material to allow breathing.  Other than the boots you showed me, if I can’t get a good recommendation it could be Bates GX8s or Bates Cobra boots.   When I do google searches, does not turn up much.  Did turn up doc’s site and I may get a set listed there and also turned up a bunch of info about what to look for when purchasing boots, but not much in the line of a specific model.
    • Bob:  The bath make up is 26 oz of copper sulfate 11 oz of sulfuric acid (that is by weight, not fluid oz) Also, if you use battery acid it will have to be 33 oz as it is only 1/3 strength. 1 gallon of distilled water.  I get my baths tested twice a year, or if I start to have problems. The range for the copper sulfate is 22-26 oz per gallon and the acid is 9-11 oz per gallon. If it gets out of range the plating will suffer by being hard and rough.  In the winter I heat my baths to 80F.  Its rather warm here right now and they stay at about 90F without heat. When it drops below 80 the plating slows down and the ion exchange of copper does not work as well from the anodes to the solution. The heat makes the acid work better.   I add proprietary chemicals for brighter/leveling agents. I dont know what they are but in past research I found that  polyethylene glycol 3350 (Miralax stool softener!) will do the job. I just dont want to experiment on a 90 gallon tank so I keep buying the proprietary chems.  I use 8 dual diaphragm air pumps for agitation. If you use a compressor it will put small amounts of oil in the solution and you DONT want that.  The agitation is to help with a smoother plating in both the copper and nickle. During the plating process, small amounts of hydrogen bubbles are forming on the surface of the part. The agitation scrubs them off. If left on, they will cause pitting. I did notice a split on the body this morning. I think it is because the seed pod sucked up some solution/water and expanded. I guess I did not get it 100% sealed. May try dipping it in water/elmers glue next time and let the body swell, then plate it. Tom H.    
    • You might try search term: metal detecting boots composite eyelets, or something similar: The link below is for a Rockport all composite, no metal construction boot, just as an example. Also, I'm told that Galls.com used to carry them. Didn't check.   https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fworkingperson.com%2Frockport-works-boots-men-s-waterproof-non-metal-composite-toe-boots-rk6635.html&psig=AOvVaw3DJMqW2qngRWKunpjoqztI&ust=1596749562847000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CA0QjhxqFwoTCNDQ9_aBhesCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAK
    • I appreciate the reply.  A few of the links I found on Neggetshooter that lead to boots are no longer valid, but some date back to 2014.  When I search for “No Metal Boots,”. “Metal Free Boots,” and “Non-Metallic,” what is turning up is a non metallic safety toe boot that has what appears to be metal eyelets.  
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