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Each State will get a thread to discuss issues and Representative info as needed. No Clutter please use pre posted "STATE" Thread. If your State not listed yet listed please add it.

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    • Well, it looks like I will be taking a trip to England to visit with a relative of Captain Shears. Last Fall we had hired a very reputable private investigator to do further research on this story and he turned up quite a bit of intersting information in England as well as Scotland. I have never had the opportunity to travel to Europe so I am quite excited to say the least. We are in the process of working out the details and setting dates which will be in early May. I have a good friend in Edinburgh and will plan a visit to his home as well. He actually visited our mine sites back in 2019 and we had a great time. It was his first trip to the States and he was amazed by my Ford F150. He told me that no one drives anything that big in Scotland. I simply said it's just a truck. We were in the process of testing gravels on a claim with an excavator & Heckler Fabrication trommel and he worked with us for a couple of days. He couldn't believe we were allowed to mine for gold. In the UK everything belongs to the Royals and it is forbidden to even pan although he does it and Scotland has some great places that with rich gravels. Always fun meeting new people. More on all this at a later date. Cheers/ GM.
    • Did you find a tektite and encase it in glass to display the find?
    • Found this and a few more.  Kind of hard to get great pictures with this phone but it has the correct texture on the outside and although it looks kind of clear in the photos it's kind of a greenish tint to it that also has very long bubbles and of course dirt and debris inside here and there. Going to leave where I found it a mystery for the moment and also I'll include some pictures of the silicate strands I don't know little hair like things sticking up into just as they say impact glass has on it.
    • Hello all. So all paperwork has now been submitted and the various agencies will be meeting with my representatives as time & weather allows. We are hopeful of an opening date of mid to late August but there is a possibility of late July or early August. With the price of gold being around $2000/ounce on paper now there are a lot of people looking to get projects started. The Forest Service has limited resources and we all wait on their schedules.    On another note, my investment in I80 Gold Corp in Reno Nevada has been going really well. I have learned over many years of investing to average in over time. I have now built my position in ticker symbol (IAUX) to 100,000 shares with an average share price of $2.15. At the time of this post the stock is trading at $2.46 a share. If I were to sell today I would be able to take a profit of $31,000. I have no intention of selling any of my shares and believe this stock will likely double from here over the next 2 yrs. Cheers. 
    • I am new here... I just thought I'd add some information on basic and complex meteorite types..
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