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Listing of Lawmakers for and against us

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Discussion and names of Representatives and their stance on land rights and mining issues

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    • izzme, yes, many of us here have more than one detector, for differing applications. Yes, there are some very good "do it all" detectors, such as the M 7, MXT, Equinox 800, etc. For wet salt, black sand beaches PI's outperform VLF's.
    • Well, to be honest with you, there is no one around that is able to tell me anything about this! Unfortunately, I live in such a small town Soo very far from what I would say " knowledgeable" sources! And it is one of those things I guess you'd have to be here in order to get the most impressive view of this rock! I know without a doubt these are bones coming through! Believe it or not.... Lol we have actually had someone actually think they would be able to steal this rock by coming in the middle of the night with a truck and trailer and load it up!! Boy were they wrong! The only thing they ended up with was " no transmission!" 🙈....... I just wanna say " Thank you" for everyone's comments and insight! I absolutely LOVE this Forum! ..................... Missy👽........ I posted a few more pics.... 
    • Jimmy,Thank you and yes it does help when you explain in detail. What would you recommend for beach detecting from what ive been reading some here have more then one detector ? Thanks
    • This is my sense of humor. 
    • Wow! Those must be some expensive electrons Grubby! Are you sure your wife is not growing weed in the shed?   
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