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Listing of Lawmakers for and against us

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Discussion and names of Representatives and their stance on land rights and mining issues

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    • You better put those valuables away.....  Congrats once again.   Man, low 70's.....    you're killin' me.
    • It's also too bad that you didn't say something smart like this yesterday.   We could've had a different conversation. Maybe next time.  
    • I will concede on this point.  Since I have not actually laid in a foxhole while my buddy died next to me, I can't know exactly what causes a man to put himself in that situation. My apologies to any Vets who were offended by my overstep.  Luke
    • Getting weaker by the minute Bob. Why don't we postpone the "dance" until you have a chance to back up and regroup? Maybe even get back to issues horita?   Bien. 
    • Hello all, The boys and I were able to make it out today to a spot down the road from where we have been hunting. We checked it out a little bit last time and decided to go ahead and give it a go today. For some reason i have been on a button kick. I found some really ornate buttons this trip also and i also found my first eagle button. And it was an Infantry button. My little guy found a cool pendant slash pin, which is kinda rough and he snagged another Chinese coin and some other neat stuff. My oldest son finally beat me on the coins this trip. He found a really sweet 1861 UK half penny. He was pretty happy with that one. Other than the Chinese coins we always find, this is his first foreign coin. That makes 3 from this area. And of course we found the usual stuff, suspender buckles, round balls that have not been clipped yet straight from the mold and some other neat stuff. It was a beautiful day in the low 70s with a nice breeze. Take care everyone and stay safe out there!
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