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Listing of Lawmakers for and against us

Discussion and names of Representatives and their stance on land rights and mining issues

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    • Absolutely. It looks like flux. darn sure not like 15 grams of rhodium. I tell a tall tale about the Deming Kimberlite Pipes but I don't expect anyone to believe it. If they do the joke is on them. It is a story based in enough truth to fool only the fools.  This is a story that is much the same. This guy is digesting scrap and pretending he is processing ore He has found. He is to Phelps Dodge as Walter White is to Phizer. It's dirty risky business that always leaves a trail of toxic crap. And most of it is probably regulated waste streams. What is produced has metal value but is hard to sell if you are not a permitted and legal processor. If you are permitted and legal you have a feedstock that has a paper trail and a buyer for your product. If you don't have a buyer you are probably not permitted nor have a feedstock that is legal. There are lots of guys trying to sell metals recovered from stolen and improperly disposed of converters. It's pretty common. A whole heck of a lot more common than any ore on earth that would yield 15 grams of rhodium from a backyard process. I was born at night. Just not last night. This isn't rhodium. It is concentrate from some attempt at processing scrap. There may be metal value in it or maybe not. All we can really be certain of is the guy is mucking around with just enough knowledge to make him dangerous. That and he injured his thumb tearing the skin off catalytic converters and crushing them.     There are dozens more "how to" videos on how to smelt and recover the metal from these converters. I will bet a real gold nugget that our new friend is a big fan.    
    • Would you say it looks a little like slag-sort of glassy and frothy.?
    • That pic says a whole lot more than a thousand words que no?
    • A mobile kiln service? Really? I wondered what those guys driving around with big ovens on their truck were doing. Now I know. Maybe try the yellow pages? If you are just making beads from what you recover from your process you don't need a very big oven.  You could easily cast your $8,000 "rhodium" nugget in a stack of fire bricks with a torch. It's only 15 grams of metal. All you need to do is heat a crucible the size of a quart jar. How much "ore" did you process to recover 15 grams of rhodium Indigo? What type of ore is it?
    • It looks like it needs another round  in the  crucible  with  more flux.
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