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Listing of Lawmakers for and against us

Discussion and names of Representatives and their stance on land rights and mining issues

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    • Man I am sorry about your dog. They are harder to loose than people. 
    • You identify scat from the contents of the turd. Not really from the shape. Without knowing what is in the turd you are just guessing. If guessing is good enough then groovy. Otherwise you need to break it apart and at least determine if the animal was omnivorous. That is basic scatology 101. Identifying scat is just like identifying a rock. It is fairly easy to determine what it is if you know what it is made of.  The turd could be any small carnivore or omnivore. Without an attempt to identify it properly any guess is as good as the next.  Yes, it looks like bobcat poop. It also looks like skunk poop. Ringtail poop. Dog poop. Cat poop. Raccoon poop. Coyote poop... You determine what left the poop by analyzing the contents. The only difference between turds is what the animal ate and was able to digest.
    • Sorry for your lost of Sundance, my condolences. 
    • The homeowner just got back to me. She wrote "Looked up Bobcat scat...believe that is what it is."
    • Thanks for letting me join the group ,looking forward to the topics discussed . Thanks ,Gary
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