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    • I'm not an expert but to tell you the truth, I don't think either are meteorites.
    • Thanks guys. I kind of figured those reasons but wasn't really sure. 
    • Meteorites can and do fall anywhere and everywhere....dry lake beds are often better because there aren't many plants...blow outs in desert scrub would be good...forests are not easy by sight...but, Rocky proved it can be done! fred
    • Dan, I don't claim to be an expert on meteorites either but know enough to answer your question. First, a lot of the land out west is BLM which means you're pretty much free to roam at will. Most land on the east coast is composed of much smaller tracts of private property and permission is needed to hunt. That would discourage a lot of meteorite hunters. Secondly, the vegetation is sparser out west therefore making it easier to spot meteorites. The east coast has much more vegetation... making them harder to find. Thirdly, the climate out west is more conducive to the preservation of meteorites since there's less rainfall then the east coast. Almost all meteorites contain iron which as you know is susceptible to rusting. Less rainfall, less rusting. Add all those together, you have more people hunting for meteorites out west and therefore more finds. Imho But Rocky beat the odds on all of them which means he's one lucky sob.
    • Here is the first. https://imgur.com/a/T8ayVkc Length 7 cm, weight 103.3g. It has very high density mineral inclusions. Here is the second. https://imgur.com/a/NVpMAlW Length 2 cm, weight 20.93g. It has the likeness of a crystal lattice, there are also small fissures-tubules, which can be seen without a microscope. As I understand it, the first is lunar. And the second is (polarized?). Is it possible to know exactly what they are called and their value. Thank you.
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