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    • Here is a good article on the ammo situation.  https://www.outdoorlife.com/story/guns/wheres-all-the-darn-ammo-federal-premiums-president-has-some-answers/ My son and I are dabbling in auto pistol. 9mm & .45 acp. It is really tough to find components. Bullets are scarce and primers are non-existent. Developing a new cartridge is difficult in this brave new world. It is not impossible to get the stuff you need but you can't just go down to Sportsman's Warehouse and get it. We needed brass. New brass is unavailable and once fired and tumbled brass was expensive. So I decided to just hunt at the shooting spots and find what we needed. I have met a half dozen guys out prospecting brass in the last couple weeks. It is always the same story. They are saving what they can use and selling the rest.  In the last couple weeks I have done pretty good on brass. I have found about $100 worth of 9mm and have about $50 worth of misc. brass to sell. I have put in about 6-8 hours of hunting time after I shoot. I'm thinking about spending a couple days just hitting every shooting spot  one after the other. I actually think I could make a hundred bucks a day. Maybe more. The same spots I frequent are being hunted by several other guys. So the number of people shooting is amazing. I can hunt the same spots every day and pick up pocketfulls of brass. It's like hitting little flakes with a metal detector. They add up quick. And there is a ready market for the stuff.
    • I saw a poodle   face on the granite at 30 zeconds into the video!
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