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    • Jimalito is back!  We missed you man. How have you been? Found any good rocks lately?
    • Are you for real?!  Gtfo.
    • I feel a rumbling in the cobble pile.  
    • They verified the information? Really? What information did they verify? There does not seem to be anything at all to back up these claims.  If it took so much time to verify then they must have been working on something. What was it? So far they just can't back the story up with anything at all. Just a Trump supporter who says he got the info off a laptop with a Biden sticker on it. That is weak sauce Slim. It didn't take months to "verify" any of this story because no elements of the story have been "verified". It is nothing but a tale for a fairy to help Trump's sinking re-election effort. I think the Trump supporter who claims to have found the data is getting royalties from the Trump campaign.  I'm willing to bet the next administration will stop the Trump imposed tariffs that are killing American farmers and consumers. They will stick to their promise to not raise taxes on anyone making under $250k a year. And they will impose royalties on metals mines on public land.  Tom Udall will be the next Seccy of the Interior. He will be a vast improvement over the hand full of inexperienced clowns that have rotated in and out of the position in the past 4 years. He is going to really tighten the screws on mining and oil. I am willing to bet that metals mines will be forced to pay their fair share for exploiting public land just like the other extraction industries.  The mining corporations have no problem paying royalties to the States. No problem with royalties on patented land. No problem with royalties in foreign countries. They should not be allowed to stiff the American taxpayer for the destruction of our rapidly dwindling public lands. Their free ride on the backs of taxpayers need to come to an end.  
    • Expedition #10 Scouting old road SE of Queen Valley, AZ   90F Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing well 🙂 Went scouting on October 10th to see if this old road can handle the Buggy. I'm guessing it can't. Let me know what you guys think. I apologize for the crappy video(s) I'm pretty much a one man show, the girlfriend is incompatible with the hills  
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