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    • Haha great advice and welcome to the forum. Dont be fooled by Adam, he loves to joke around and can be sarcastic sometimes. Hes a good dude and can sniff out gold like you wouldn't believe. Once again, welcome.
    • Morlock; very rare does not mean impossible...there is one or two examples of native metallic iron that has been found ( and mistaken for meteorites)… I am too lazy to look up the locations but it is OUT There... fred
    • I think you're confusing native iron with meteorites. Meteorites would be extraterrestrial iron and native iron would be natural iron that orginated on earth. Native iron would have combined with other elements like oxygen or sulphur to form other minerals over long periods of time. That's why native iron is extremely rare if it can be found at all.
    • Don't give up, adam.  If you know your machine inside out and choose a location that is a good match for your detector, you have a reasonable chance of finding it. What helped me was to learn all the different noises that my detector is making, and working on smaller selected areas rather than trying to cover a lot of ground. Also, location is key. Watch where many of the "big shots" are hunting. These areas are known for having produced shallow gold nuggets, mostly alluvial in nature, which favors the outcome. Now, put the same guys into heavily trashed and bullet-littered mining areas, such as the Dale mining district, they will not be better than you or me and likely find noting.
    • I'd like to see the link that states native iron was located in Cameron, Missouri.
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