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    • We did the gas chamber in boot camp, then every year, never had my brain destroyed, still empathetic. Afterward, trying to recover, deal with the irritation, but all faculties still functioning. Didn't see any zombies, just guys with red watery eyes blowing their noses and hitting the showers-cold water felt great.
    • In my limited experience, it won't restrict you.  There are things to not disturb like corrals that will show up on google maps and the USGS maps, and wells, but other than that it has not restricted me.  Not being raised on a farm, if I see a bull, I give it a very wide berth.  Once in a while a cow may knock over my claim markers or poop in the creek I want to work.
    • All I will add to the advice above, is that with the three claims you mentioned, I'd look them up in the online county recorder records by the PLSS township, range and section in Yavapai County, and in Maricopa county by the filer's last name.  That will give a map of what the claim looks like.  That's how I narrow down the 640 acres total and subtract from it the open claims. Using My Land Matters to further make sure its available, I check to make sure it is BLM or National Forest land.  There's certain areas where prospecting is not allowed that can fall on those lands like designated Wilderness Areas, National Monuments, (I think) scenic riverways, and probably a couple I can't remember.  There's a way to turn those layers on mylandmatters.  I was surprised to find out how many of those mining restricted areas exist.  Can't remember if it is the mining claims section or elsewhere. Once I narrow down the place I want to go, I will bring up county records to look for filings within the last couple of weeks.  Land Matters does not update daily, but updates every couple of weeks.  They also pull from the BLM database, and not the hundreds of counties.  Someone needs to file with the county to make the claim official and can delay the filing with the BLM.  That way I can know the land I'm going to is open.  Once on site, I also do a due diligence look that the area is not claimed.  It takes up to two weeks for a claim to appear in the recorders office when I file with the county, so boots on the ground can show someone just barely beat you there. When I do this, I have confidence that this area I'm going to is open.  The only time I didn't do this and let someone else do my work, I showed up and someone told me the area I was looking at was claimed.  Since I could not back up me being there, I left, and later found out that 20 acres was actually still open.  Doing it right, I'll spend 40 hours of time researching the section I will be prospecting before putting boots on ground. Planned development can interfere with a claim.  For example, somewhere West of the White tanks mountains, a 2,000' wide I-11 corridor will be built which will go by Aguilla and somewhat close to the vulture mine.  There's no real decision on the route yet. Another thing is to research the BLM's local district travel plans.  Over the next few years, the BLM will restrict motorized vehicle usage in 60% of its lands.  I found this out after going to the Hassunyumpa district and finding I could not drive as far to the potential claim as I wanted because I saw a "Road Closed to Motorized Vehicles."  Ended up getting there, but had to walk a mile and a half further than I planned.  I found that particular area valueless, but a lithium company went through and claimed that section.  Still can't find the Hassunyumpa TMP, so I don't know what roads are open until I get out there.  Sucks when road closures ruin a week of planning. There's some things I'm not that smart on like the BLM plats and the decades of looking through federal registers that will show land withdrawn from prospecting. I like what Bob said about finding areas that are claimed up, and finding an open 10 or 20 acres in that section to look at.  I will only caution in the LSD area local to me, on the fringe of the gold bearing zones, I think there's clusters of areas claimed that I feel are worthless, that are only claimed because that section has 19 claims in it compared to much fewer for the surrounding sections, so "it must be good."
    • Yeah. I make him nervous. I have a few of these guys all wrapped around the axle and poor Skip has to deal with it. He thinks he has to keep guys from kicking up too much dirt. Skip is a good guy though. It's that foul tempered and aggravating Mike Furness that is the granny of the bunch. I think his serotonin and dopamine levels are outta whack from snorting that dimple dust for so many years. Don't get me started on that Swellbelly Hillbeaver rascal. He's as curly as a boar's noodle and twice as slippery. He babbles on about crap in some strange language. He actually blurts out stuff on his keyboard. He e-blurts. It's like he has Tourette's and then hits the enter key. It's freaking shocking sometimes. There are a bunch of other three legged post hole diggers in this joint as well. So it would be wise to be wary. Skip knows the dangers and he just didn't want your post to get out of hand.
    • Multiple use policy of of BLM land that includes grazing leases generally is open to prospecting. The problem often seems to be having to cross private property to get to an unclaimed section of public land. If that is the case, the property owner can restrict access to his land to prevent access to the public land. Ranchers with grazing leases can not exclude other multiple use participants such as campers, prospecting etc but there may be existing laws which govern how and where such use can be exercised, such as proximity to water holes, wildlife and so on.   
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