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    • BMc just getting a hang of this site, familiar sights in your pic's. maybe one day we will run into each other in that neck of the woods I think that would be cool. I could use some pointers from a veteran. I rarely see another soul up there except for camping folk.
    • Kudos to mn90403 and anyone finding a random search, significant size nugget in Rye Patch these days  Passed through there last month on the way back from Wyoming. Visited the usual places to check in and say hello. For those in the know: Don and Dusty doing well. Gold Diggers parking lot full, so didn't stop, but ran into a couple of nugget shooters, each coming out of the GD claims with a palm full of dinks. (raking tailing piles) The GB-2 and the ZED being the weapon of choice. And in the nearby Eugene Mts.:  The North slope of the Golden Eagle reportedly still producing, and (believe it or not), Bikini Tree area coughed up another nice one, (to the ZED) There was a time in the mid-to late 90's when you might see, (at least), 50-75 nugget hunters in the Majuba placer area. Nowadays, very few. The gold is still there . . . just harder to find.
    • Thanks BMc for the reply, I am a club member of the WPA , all I know is there is chunky yella metal to be found , and probably a good chance to find some  yella  where I'm pokin around. like you said most think they need water to make it happen. All I know is I feel awful good when I'm in the zone and a lookin. I do appreciate your comment. thanks Brother. 
    • Oops almost forgot new slab piece, nice clean cut, more detail.  I also used small wire brush on surface, not polished.
    • Look at what showed up today from Black Max Brakes...my dual stick mounted master cylinder! This will let me use the brakes independently for added steering power. I also dug around in the junk drawer and found this 50 year old Schwinn handlebar grip. It was love at first sight! 🙃 I started the tail hinges this week as well. Now I have to slowly turn that pile of bolts into hinges. I know you can buy them pre-made...at $10 bucks a pop. Saved $260.00 making them myself.
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